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  1. actually, im a vegan too. you can easily get all the nutrients you need as a vegan as long as youre eating the proper foods and keep your diet balanced. though thats not always realistic depending on how you live your lifestyle. I would go with iron at the least. iron is a major element in meats and poultry. A multi vitamin is always a good idea too. Other things I usually take are acidophilis/pro biotic blend, calcium and a few herbal supplements to keep my body energized and slim. It really d
  2. I just started with organic apple cider vinegar.. drinking 2 tablespoons diluted with at least 8oz of water and using equal parts water and ACV for toner in the morning and night. i wanted to try something new and am all about natural..so i figured ACV was the way to go after a little research. Anyone have successful results? which approach did you take (internally, topically or both)? how long did it take before results were noticeable? any tips are appreciated related to this topic :}
  3. maybe you guys just get a little sloppy. hey, it happens to the best of us.
  4. try a protein supplement powder to throw in a smoothie or drink. there are also some good protein bars out there also but watch out for ones high in sugar and calories.
  5. oh wow. we're best friends already.

  6. remember portions. though you do love sweets limit yourself. if you have that candy bar in the afternoon just make sure you say no later on in the day. if you want to stay on a low cal diet-type eating, try eating 2 hershey kisses a day so you dont deprive yourself and than go crazy a week after not having your favorite sweets.
  7. thug life. Blaze IT...!!

  8. dude, straight thuggin. hows life ?

  9. hahahaha, my bad. i guess i got confused by the pic of a girl.

    :) aw sorru cutie

  10. actually, im a guy - but its nice to meet you too anyway

  11. aw hey, how are you doing? nice to meet you girl