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  1. Day 10: Well that's the first box of tane over and done with! There's still no sign of the IB yet, although I've got two new white heads that have appeared overnight. And that's about it really. My skin and lips are slowly drying up, although they're not so dry as to cause irritation. I wonder what box two will bring?
  2. Day 9: Not much change from yesterday, other than I've started to get a little bit of back pain.
  3. Day 8: I woke up this morning with a new pimple on my right cheek and one on my forehead, but they seem to be going already. Other than that there's just my ever drying skin to put up with!
  4. Day 7: I can't believe I've done one week already, it's just flown by! I've quite enjoyed the first week. I haven't had much in the way of new spots (other than a few white heads on day 4), and although my lips and skin are becoming drier, they aren't causing me any problems yet. Bring on week 2!
  5. Day 6: Almost at the end of week 1 now and here come’s the dryness! When I got out of the shower tonight the skin on my chin and above my lip had started to peel, and I can feel the tightness in the rest of my face as well. It looks like the fun is about to begin!
  6. Day 5: Not too much change from yesterday really. Nearly all of the white heads that appeared have gone and my face looks a little bit less red than yesterday. I can feel my skin starting to become dry, although I can't see any signs of dryness other than on the tip of my nose. Also, my eyes felt a bit dry this morning so I've ordered some eye drops.
  7. Day 4: It looks like things are beginning to happen. When I got up this morning I had a number of white heads on and around my chin, although luckily they are really tiny so I'm not too bothered about them. Also my lips are beginning to get drier and the skin on the tip of my nose is starting to peel. Other than that it’s just the facial redness I've got to contend with, which looks a lot redder today compared with yesterday.
  8. Day 3: If anything I think my face is actually more oily now than before I started, although I can't imagine that lasting for too long! My face is looking a bit redder than usual, and needing the toilet a lot from drinking 2 litres of water a day is staring to annoy me, but other than that things are going well.
  9. Here we go! After 7 years of putting up with acne, I'm just starting a 4 month course of Roaccutane at 60mg a day. My acne is fairly moderate, but it's a persistent little bugger and nothing I've used in the past has done any good. Anyway, I've just taken my first dose. 1 day down, 111 to go! I just hope this stuff works...