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  1. wow it rely helped i was lookin more at u tho ur beautiful
  2. does anyone know if natural alovera will help with my red marks , like actualy cuting the plant and puting the plant on my skin ???
  3. i wana go taning too it will help hide my red marks and make me look beter
  4. i use nair for men it works great never have a problem
  5. first of all ur georgeous and ye ur skin is fine
  6. well i know that when i do not masterbate for a couple of days my acne seems to stay thay the same
  7. i have been not showering for 3 days now and using no bp or any clensers or nothing and my acne seems to look better weird huh?
  8. does somone mind trying this snorkling thing so they can tell me if it actualy works cus i dont have a bathtub but if it works il gladly put my head in a bucket
  9. on my face i have lots of black dots but when i squez them out some are stringy and some come out like little capsles are they both blackheads