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  1. I emailed 302 skin care asking about the before and after photoher it is: There is alot of buzz about the 302 protein drops on the acne.org > message boards, the main skepticism abouth the product is the before and > after photos, people seem to think they were "fixed" by photoshop. > Maybe you could find the client that sent these photos and ask her if > she would be willing to come on the message board and give us her > opinion on the product and photos. I personally have bough
  2. I never really understood the difference between box car and rolling scars. But I can say that I think you are a handsome young man, and if you try anything dont go too invasive, would hate to see you make things worse. I think you look great and they give you character.. I say leave them alone.. just my 2 cents
  3. I've only used the drops four times so I have no opinion yet if this stuff works, I will post my results good or bad in a couple of weeks. Heres my dilemma, I understand people being skeptical, we have all spent money on products that didn't work, but I say what the hell, it's MY money and I am an adult so I can spend it any way I choose, whats the big deal, if someone doesn't believe that this will work don't buy it, simple as that. but all the negative remarks over and over again, c'mon we ge
  4. I purchased the TC and drops, I started using the TC twice a day and the drops every other night, I did not have any breakouts but in the short time I've been using the TC I've noticed that my pores look huge and clogged. Should I just use the TC and drops every other night together? Or just keep plugging along and see what happens? If anyne has suggestions for me I would appreciate it.
  5. I'm confused. First they tell you not to use any products containing vitamins, then they offer the "A Booster" (Vit A). So can you take vitamins (orally), and can u use products with vitamins in them (topically)? Thanks in advance
  6. cowboychris, Thanks alot that was the review I was looking for. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you...Thanks again
  7. there is a site at smartskincare.com that has reviews of the 302 drops but my pc keeps saying "connection refused" can anyone get there and tell me what the review say's abouth the product... thanks
  8. Thanks Nancy, I am always happy to hear that products are working, and I hope you continue your progress and continue to post them. It seems sometimes people post for awhile then vanish so I never really know if the product kept working or people jump from product to product. So I'am just being cautious because I have wasted money in the past (as I am sure we all have). I can't seem to e-mail Richard Huber,but I am still considering buying the drops and cleanser. By the way did it clog your pore
  9. Does this stuff do anything for large pores and does it help with active acne? It sounds very tempting but $75 is alot if this stuff doesn't work. I contacted Kathleen at make up artists choice and she said she was not impressed with the clinical trails and didn't even request a sample. Now I'm really confused. Are you guys using this stuff really seeing results or is this the placebo effect? Please keep posting your results as you are really helping others get a "real" person's perpesctive. I h
  10. I'm a little confused about TCA cross after care, everyone has posted using an antibiotic oint. after frosting untill scabbing...this is where i get lost. Do you put anything on the scabs? Or do you just wash gently and leave them alone? Then after scabs fall off I've read that people use many different thing, CP serum (but not super CP) amino-plex spray....are you just looking for any collegen building substance? Or redness reducer? thanks in advance
  11. try hydocortisone. I had a hige cyst undermy eye and nothing was working, i put hydrocortisone cream on it twice a day and within three days it was almost completely gone although I still have a red mark there it is flat.
  12. Supplements Acidophilus Take acidophilus either in capsule or liquid form 2-3 times a day. Brewer's yeast tablets taken after every meal has worked for some people. It contains chromium which is an essential mineral involved in the processing of sugar. Take 2 teaspoons of brewer's yeast daily. Chromium (GTF or glucose tolerance factor) will aid in glucose tolerance. This will be especially beneficial for those with sugars-induced acne. Take 400 mcg of chromium. ChromMate® is very bioavaila
  13. The breakout means it is working, dont despair it will soon get much much better, and DO NOT use retin A while using accutane. Hang in there I know it's tough but trust me soon your breakout will subside. Good Luck
  14. Clear Skin ImageTM The Natural Acne Solution ingredients: (Each capsule) Clear Skin Image Proprietary Nutrient FormulaTM Pantothenic Acid (d-Calcium Pantothenate)-1,000 mg Biotin-1 mg Niacin-20 mg Molybdenum (Amino Acid Chelate)-.02 mg Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, for best results take 9 capsules a day (3 capsules, taken between meals 3 times a day with water). For severe forms of acne we suggest a "Clinical Dose" of 12 capsules a day (4 capsules, taken between meals 3 times