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  1. I've had exactly the same thing..except its on the back of my neck...i can feel like a small hard lump...and every so often it flares up into a spot again. I'm currently trying to get rid of it for good by applying neat manuka oil to it...don't know if it will work though :think: also, when people talk about draining cysts, the ones i have seen on the Internet etc. all seem to be filled with a white/yellow pus, but when i used to get cysts on my face and eventually popped them the 'stuff'
  2. maybe he just doesn't know how to treat his acne? maybe you could pick up a skincare product for him when your out shopping one day, and then when u see him u could casually say something like.. " i saw X product on sale in X shop 2day, so i bought u it" Maybe start of buying him a good facewash or something, so he gradually gets used to the idea of lookin after his skin. Then if he did use it, and it helped his acne, u could introduce him some to other skincare products. I wouldnt be o
  3. HI, im thinking of buying a red and blue light from sci-art. Im just wondering what progress people are making with them since the previous posts, and what's the verdict on them now. Do they keep improving your skin, or does the beneficial effects start to plateau after a while? If you have used them for a while, do you still think they are worth the money?
  4. Over the years from about 15? to 25 i have definitely spend thousand and thousands on skin care and supplements, most of which were a complete rip off, by large cosmetic companies who try to exploit the desperation of us acne sufferers in our seemingly neverending quest for good skin. Usually selling us face creams full of cheap crap ingredients, which are mainly skin irritants and cost them pennies to manufacture. it sucks how most of us on this board have all spent so much money and time on
  5. I dont expect it to get rid off ice picks really, but any improvement is better than nothing i suppose. The only thing that im a bit concerned about is when i read reports of people gettin laser treatment and it making there skin worse, either by making it hyperpigmented or by causing more scarring
  6. Hi, I am considering havin laser treatment to smooth out my skin. Its not too bad but its uneven in texture and has a few ice picks and rolling scars. Im wondering if its worth the hassle and whether it might end up making my skin worse? These are the lasers available at my local NHS hospital, are any of them any good for my type of scars? Pulsed Dye, Nd:YAG CO2 Erbium long pulsed Alexandrite I'd appreciate any advise from people who have had laser surgery Cheers
  7. HI, I will try to make my story brief as possible I started getting a few spots when i was in my early teens, mainly because my skin was becoming oily. I used some over the counter thing for it but they didnt help much so i went to my doc for some prescription things. Most of these things didnt help but my acne was still only very mild at this time. I had a few prescriptions of doxycycline and minocycline (i think?) and they didnt do much. THEN.. One day my doc prescribed me Differin Gel
  8. yeh, its fine to leave on overnight. I do it all the time and my skins quite sensitive..but i let my girlfriend try it one time and after a couple of hours her face went all red and irritated..so i think its just depends on your skin type. ?
  9. these are good. They wont make your face shiney as its not a greasy lotion...and they shouldnt make your face white if you rub them in well? www.gocaribbeanblue.com/suncare.htm
  10. I forgot to mention its widely available in the uk...I buy it from this site as free P&P http://www.crystalspring.co.uk/product.asp...r=&PT_ID=33
  11. hi, just thought i'd mention Aubrey organics aloe vera. Its great stuff, just pure aloe vera, Citrus Seed Extract (natural preservative) and Vitamin E. Best aloe vera i used and is just as good as the stuff straight from the plant. check it out on their site....all their products are worth the money IMO. http://www.aubrey-organics.com/product1.cf...=081&cat=16