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  1. maddymoocow

    Worsening Acne

    Y'ALL! If anyone's acne looks like this here's what ya need to do - GET YA HORMONES CHECKED !!! Mine were whack and that Xulane patch changed my life. Of course I still used some OTC products (clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide) but wow hormones. Guys, get it checked out ❤️
  2. maddymoocow

    Does anyone else hate their own face?

    I know how you feel - it seems like retreating is the best option sometimes. But honestly, your skin looks fantastic! Redness is just part of the healing process of acne. Over time it will fade It is definitely not Keratosis Pilaris. It could be a veryyyy mild case of Rosacea though, which if you learn your triggers can be kept under control.
  3. maddymoocow

    Worsening Acne

    Hey everyone!! My skin has been terrible for over a year now. I know this pales in comparison to other people's battle with acne, and I truly sympathize for you. Please know you are beautiful and we can get through this !! Anyways, this year my skin had progressively gotten worse. I've used so many products (I will list later) and have been to doctors and dermatologists. Nothing has helped- only made it worse. These are the products I've used : BP, Retin-A, Clindamycin, Finacea, Soolant
  4. maddymoocow


    Thanks in advance!
  5. maddymoocow

    24 With A Crazy New Breakout!

    I'm dealing with the SAME thing! It's so crazy and annoying. It's been going on for about month now, to see my cheeks look on my latest thread. If I ever cure mine I'll let you know! Good luck
  6. maddymoocow


    Hi friends! I need your help, I'm at a loss as to what to do with my skin right now. Please look at the enclosed pictures of my cheeks and help diagnose my acne and give me advice as to how to cure it. Also does it look hormonal to you? Very red, inflamed and painful!! Looks even worse in person
  7. maddymoocow


    Comparing your skin to mine doesn't help me sadly. Everyone is having their own struggles with their skin on this website. I'm just asking for advice/help on my personal skin problems and belittling my problems doesn't help anyone.
  8. maddymoocow


    Thanks lilianlilie, I hope they do!! I'm just more concerned about getting my face back to how it looked before I irritated it.
  9. maddymoocow


    I need help, I've been struggling with this breakout for probably 7+ months. It's taken its toll emotionally and I have no clue what to do with my skin. Anyways, here is my regime: morning - Sophytopro cleanser then moisturizer. I try to not use my prescriptions in the morning but sometimes I do. Evening - Sophytopro cleanser, clindamycin, tretinol ONLY ON FOREHEAD RECENTLY, Azelic acid, then Sophytopro moisturizer. More detail about Tretinol, I started using it exclusively on my forehe
  10. maddymoocow

    red marks treatment

    I have the SAME problem! I don't know how to deal with it, and it never seems to go away. I have both red and purple marks. And my faced is permanently "flushed".