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  1. I could pay $3 for generic or $15 for accutain.. But my Dr. told me that the generic does not work as well.. He told me that it had less medicine in it?
  2. I wasnt told that I usually take it with my Nutragrain bar every morning and by itself at night. But I was told to substitute butter for margarine
  3. My face is still oily.. but extreemly dry at the same time :-k It looks kinda like a but vasoline all of my face if I dont put makeup on. The weird thing is that my face was never even oily before Accutain? Confuses me-but I deal with it. Hopefully the outcome will be well worth all the yuck I gotta go through with this medicine
  4. Thanks for the info.. Yuck, I have been doing most of those things latley.. Its either great or bad no in between.
  5. A little contrast to topic.. Sorry, cant figure out foods that cause it myself. But, I know that brocoli, yogurt, and about 2tablespoons of nuts a day really helps clear up and prevent breakouts for me at least
  6. I was in Texas a few weeks ago and ran out of my Lancome Tiente. In Houston the lady told me that it was being discontinued and gave me a discount for it because of that. So it isnt true! / I love that stuff
  7. I used it about a year ago. It was really good (did not break me out) But my skin was really dry on it.
  8. I started to get a rash on my arms and hicky looking things on my neck. My Dr. gave me some medicine for that but now I have the similar thing that you described on my hands (Both) it really itches.. The medicine is not clearing my hands up though. Glad to hear that I am not alone with this issue. I am also getting about 2 sty's per week or so (only one this week though) [-o< I'm a little discouraged, but I am sure it will get better
  9. Yuck. I scored a 67.. I have been getting really depressed latley, but I know that it will go aways soon. I woke up crying really bad this morning for no reason, and seriously considered stopping my acutain. Any advice. I have quit speaking with any friends... and I am normally a really social person.
  10. My Dr told me that when he did all my bloodwork that decided if I was s'posed to be on a special diet.. That was kinda like that one.. It was mainly a substitution list.. I didnt have to do it. The shower part... I take extreemly hot long showers every day.. But I also have horrible dry spots that bubble up... Maybe thats why.. I'll try to cutback and see if it helps out.
  11. I have been on Accutain for the last month. I had a innitial breakout after two weeks.. Maybe I am a wimp.. $ But all the side effects really bother me.. But I love the main side effect my face has no acne on it.. and alot of the scars are stating to heal.. I feel so much better about myself now. I hope this keeps working! Although, Vasiline has really worked for my lips, and ocean spray for my nose and a humidifier.. Then I have been useing a ton of lotion.. I like Cetaphil so far.
  12. I have been on acutain 60 - 2xs a day for about 2 weeks now.. It sucks, but I am trying to stay optimistic about it all.. The nosebleeds and dry skin are not bothering me so much.. But... the chapped lips are driving me crazy.. What has helped you all the best... I have been useing carmex and have almost gone through 1/2 a tube in the last 2 weeks.. Help? :-s