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  1. Well I am no newbie to acne- I've had it for 6 years, but I've never done anything about it. I have seen some dermotologists, but I just have never used creams, pills, nothing. I've let it take it's course. By not doing anything to acne, what happens is you go from stages of total clear to wild breakouts. It's never consistent. What should I do?
  2. Today I started off with a good day. My acne is finally almost non existant and I feel great. My past has been very rough for me. I used to be teased and picked on terribly every day because of being overweight and having bad acne. It used to make me cry and I remember being depressed and doing poorly in school because I was so affected by the teasing. After being ridiculed every day, I lost 30 pounds and got in great shape over a course of two years and the ridicule stopped. I was finally happ
  3. I work my ass off everyday in distance running track , 1600-3200 meter sprints, my acne has never been better.
  4. We can talk to people across the globe with no delay. We can go to the moon in a spacecraft. We can read DNA. We can clone animals. But we can't get rid of these little red bumps on our faces.
  5. BP saved my face. Using 2% BP is much better and more effective than using "High strength" 7% BP.
  6. The dip regime does not work, come on.
  7. If urine was a 100 percent cure, I still wouldn't use it, thats human excrement...
  8. I'm a person who has had acne forever, but never bothered to take medication or use topical gels, or even wash my face at all. I let acne take it's course and ignored it. Two weeks ago, I went to a dermatologist and got Minocycline and DUAC topical gel. In the morning I do nothing to my face but shower, and I take one Minocycline. Before I go to bed I apply DUAC topical gel. Now I am clear.... In a matter of two weeks. This is very surreal. My acne was moderate, but I had tons of huge inflam
  9. Okay, I have suffered with acne since I was around 12 years old, I am now 15, but I have never ever used anything on my face. No creams, Benzoyl Peroxide, medications, nothing. I've never been to a dermatologist. What I am saying is I have natural skin that looks like crap, which I've had for 3 years. As a person who has never done anything to their skin out of the ordinary, what should I do? I have mild acne, about 2 active zits on my face with 3,000 red marks. I just started washing my fac
  10. After 2 weeks this routine makes my face redder and my acne more visable. It makes the skin feel good but doesn't do much to change and actually made it worse for me. Short term is bad
  11. In TV and movies, people with acne are depicted as being lazy, nerdy people, which has effected common people to presume the same when they see you. Acne is not fair. Why do I get it? Why do I deserve it? I am a very active person, on the track team and I still get it a lot. There is no certain type of people who get acne. We are all normal people being affected. Acne sucks. Fuck acne.