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  1. Day 20 Alright, people, my skin looks good! Scarred like mad, sure, but better than I can remember! YESSSSS! I feel really lucky so far-- no serious side effects and no IB (knock on wood). I've also noticed that my face doesnt' pool oil anymore. I've also discovered hundreds of blackheads that have surfaced as of late. My nose is spotted with them! I've also got them all around my mouth and chin. They feel really bumpy, like I should be able to scrub them out, but they don't budge. Do these ev
  2. Day 12 I've got four nostrils! I should clarify-- two of them are actually part of my nose, and one biggie zit on either side takes it to four. Freaky! Otherwise, the face is the same. The grease has returned, except straight out of the shower when my face is dry. Several little zits have come and gone without incident, so that's good news! The real test will be this coming week, when I usually get my monthly breakouts. Fingers crossed!! Thanks for reading!
  3. Good luck!! And congrats on your upcoming wedding-- I'm sure you'll have gorgeous skin to show off! ;)
  4. Howdy! Thanks for stopping by my log- it's nice to get such encouraging feedback! I'm really sorry to hear your IB is so bad-- are things improving lately? I also stopped my antibiotic, so hopefully that wasn't what sparked it. At least you can say that this, right now, is the worst it will be for EV-ER. Wild. Sending you happy, clear thoughts!
  5. Hey, thanks icdi, Mary-Jane and Eric! I'm really excited for you guys too! Icdi, hope your IB subsides soon. I'm trying to tell myself to not expect one-- hopefully the power of positive thinking can stave it off (how I can still be positive at this point is a miracle, but gotta try!). Day 9 Honestly, nothing has changed! My face is still shiny shiny shiny and I have to blot constantly because I can actually see the glare reflecting off my nose... So far I've noticed some biggies coming up to
  6. Happy birthday! Thanks so much for stopping by my log! I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! We may not have clear skin (yet!), but it's true-- gotta be thankful for what we do have! Have a great night!
  7. Hey Frusia, Just wanted to say hi and goodluck! I'm about a week behind you, so it's helpful to see what's in my future... Here's to beautiful skin!
  8. Thanks for the encouraging words, Emi. ((Watashi mo ha-fu desu! Sugoi! )) It's so nice to find a group of people who know EXACTLY what this is like! I can't wait to read about your experiences-- do you have a log? I'm off to find out!