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  1. As long as your trying your best there is nothing to fret about. I know that if people complained I would tell them I did try, because a lot of times I try my hardest. But some teachers are assholes and don't treat everyone fairly.
  2. If it's actually ADVICE I don't get mad. But if they stay stupid things like "you need to put acne cream on your face" I'll flip or "will acne infect me?" that just brings me over the edge because it is just stupid. PLAIN stupid then I'll scream if they really are trying to help and KNOW what they are talking about then I'll listen. "
  3. I have always been a little introverted, but never as much as now. To the point where somedays I just wanna be home if my acne is horrible. But usually those are only times when I'm going to school. When my friends call me out I would definitely go most of the time I'm still concious of my face but not as much as when I never had that much acne. Sometimes I go days without going out and that's because no one calls me to hang out. That coupled with me having to do a lot of school work which reall
  4. I usually say things about my ugly appearance. Which is true. That coupled with the fact that I'm short, don't play sports and all my friends are girls doesn't help either.