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  1. I've heard the use of hydroquinone should be discouraged because of the long term damaging effects it has on skin. It has been known to cause irreparable damage, due to over/misuse. I have had to use hydroquinone all over my face at different times to lighten the skin in this area as it is quite hyperpimented due to years of sun exposure and using all sorts of stuff on my face. My face is like 4 shades darker than the rest of my body, and this is why i use it ocassionally so that my face is
  2. Ive heard a lot about Vitamin C use on here. Does anyone know what derivative of Vitamin C is being used in their products. I also read about an issue with absorbing Vitamin C into the skin as Pure "C" Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is hignly unstable, esepcially when exposed to air. So basically whatever amount is absorbed into the skin, if any; are useless anyway. Does anyone know about this?
  3. Yes I have. sorry, im new to all this, just getting a feel for it all now. Thanx for the resposnses
  4. I heard that the CP serums not that good. Im looking into the PD intense gel at the mo. U used that?
  5. Could some one tell me what PD intense gel is for and how to ge free samples. Thnx
  6. Thanks Ours. My scar is pretty shallow and not a result of acne. Did you use it on your entire face or just spot treatments? Sounds like its probably not as good as they say it is at skinbilogy. Ive also heard about some Intense gel, whats that for and who stocks it?
  7. Thnx TG. When do you use yours a.m/p.m? Im thinking i might need some sort of moisturiser to sooth, heal and aid the peeling process? when it becomes tight and red and about to start peeling. Is the Cp serum ok for this. Have yopu tried the Super CP serum or SuperCop?
  8. What is and How is this photfacial treatment carried out? Could someone please enlighten me
  9. Hi Guys and thanx for sharing your experiences. I have found this thread quite inormative and inspiring with the success stories had so far. Could anyone please advise if Skinbiologies CP Serum is worth buying/using. I have just put in an order for the the Mandelic Travel size kit and also the 40% Lactic acid from one of the sites Maya mentioned - (many messages ago). I have read about the beneficial effects this product has on skin that has been treated with AHAs such as Glycolic acid. I jus