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  1. My doctor told me to take ONE PILL aday. Should i take it at night or in the morning ? Since i am on accutane, How should i wash my face with a wash cloth or just my hands ( in the shower ) Should i put lotion on my skin while sleeping and throuugh the day.
  2. Do you think there will ever be a cure for Acne ?
  3. So should i take 100 mg per day . 50 Morning and 50 at Night. I heard if you take alot of zinc it can mess up with other things in your body is that true ? I usally sleep about 5-6 hours a night and i am 16 years old.
  4. I have acne on my face. Is there any Vitamin or anything that can reduce inflamation ?
  5. I am currently. Washing my back/shoulders with the cleanser, waiting applying the AHA, and waiting longer and applying the BP. should i appy it in that order ( cleanser, AHA, BP ) ? Or is there a different order ?
  6. What is the general cost of accutane ? How effective is it ? Is it true to take Vit. E ( helps with keeping your skin hydrated ) ? When do you start to see results ?
  7. If you switched it I would go back to the "original" soap and what not. There could be a irretation or i could be something else. Wash you hair first then your body .
  8. there is alot of different kinds of Acne, and many of us suffer from different things. Every person is different from eachother . ONE DAY THERE MITE BE BUT UNTILL THEN WE ARE TEST SUBJECTS FOR NOW ! BESIDES I WOULD RATHER HAVE ACNE THEN CANCER !
  9. - I have had Acne on my back, and shoulder,and chest. I see a Derm every 4 months ( or something like that ). My acne that effect my shoulder, chest and back, I not really bad but its not perfect. - It seems that you can see the acne but wehn you run your hand over it it seems to be "under" the skin. Why does it feel like that ? -Right now i am on Bactrim ,and i barley see any improvement ( the past 4 months ). What is the next step, is there any meds that is less powerful than Accutane, but s
  10. Here is what they Said , DON'T PICK, POP OR SQUEEZE Tanning beds will NOT help Acne Be Patient ! ( it takes 1-2 months for products to work ) DO NOT use dryer sheets ( Chemical Junk ) Use 1/3 of your Landry Detergent ( if you use alot the soap get in the cloths, so when you sweet it just cloges the pores ) My Regiman ____________________________ - Morning - Wash face GENTLY with over - thge - counter cleanser- Cetaphil ( I use that ) Benoxyl Wash ( Rx ) - Nightly - Wash Face with Cetaphil
  11. i am 15 years old. I have mild acne on my face, i had that since about 8th or 9th grade. I played hockey, so I ALL WAYS had on Under Armor. last summer i was getting bad acne on the shoulders , and i thought it was no big deal , because i am growing now the acne is going down my chest. I still play hockey . i beleive that is why i got body acne ! the body acne is bad but if i had to i can deal with it but it is just EMBARASING when i got to take offf my shirt and put on my under armor, then all
  12. Is there a way of getting the Acne Scars off your back?
  13. Where do u get the PanOxyl 10% BP bar of soap from i can't find them ?
  14. I am 14 years old, i got not bad acne but some. i got it mostly between my 2 shoulder blades, by my shoulder blades, and on shoulders. i play hockey. I BELIEVE THAT I GOT BACK ACNE BECAUSE I PRACTICE EVERY OTHER DAY, WHEN I PUT ON MY UA ( UNDER ARMOR ) THAT " TRAPS " MY SWEAT & OILS. I curentley use Heads & Shoulders ( W/ Zinc ) i apply 2 times a day with a " Soft Shower Back Thing "..... i only keep it on for about 1 - 2 min if that. .... i do not think it is working : ( DO ANY OF YOU G