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  1. see my above post for the moisturisers i use regularly (line 2).....I also make a point of carrying cream around with me (elizabeth arden 8 hour cream is really good as an emergency soothing cream), I used to apply cream to dry areas throughout the day whenever my skin felt uncomfortable......also make sure your facial cleanser isn't over-drying (I use Avene gel wash which is amazingly mild and doesn't make my face too dry).....In addition keep your body hydarted, drink plenty of fluids especial
  2. Try something water-based, they are much gentler and more natural....I've been using aqueous cream but now I've moved on to Diprobase because it's winter over here and Diprobase is a much better protective cream.....These creams can be bought over the counter in UK but i'm not sure of their availability elsewhere......I understand your reasons for not using moisturizer because it's working for you at the moment but in the long run (if you continue this regimen on a long-trem basis) it will age y
  3. It does put things into perspective if your surrounded by people worse off than you, I have a friend who is living a normal life with a terminal illness which requires monthly blood transfusions, a 24/7 drug infusion, and reduced mobility....yet she's the happiest person (and loveliest) I know ....makes my acne look like beauty spots!
  4. I'm not sure what you're worried about ....if you've had girlfriends before then you're obviously capable of being in a relationship you're just having a drought at the moment, right time/right place and all that! Only a socially retarded person (more commonly known as a smart ass individual who's self-esteem is so low that they need to bring other people down to make themselves feel better-not quite the dictionary definition! ) would ask that type of question! Having said that my mum and gra
  5. I'm 28 and I've had acne since I was 13, i became depressed around 17/18 but with a little help from my friends I got through it . I've had always had a good sense of humour and I began to use my wit to distract from my face, my theory being if they're laughing with me then they won't be laughing at me (ie my skin). It really helped build my confidence because I became quite popular because I could make people laugh, it certainly made me stand out from the the other girls and hence have been lu