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  1. people with legit scarring cannot be fixed by praying to god and taking a mulitvitamin you probably never had actual scars
  2. i have the exact samer problem, probably even worse than yours. PM me a photo you can block out your features just so i can your skin laser made my skin significantly worse and ive basically been bed bound ever since as i spent a fortune to make my skin worse i cant handle the mental damage. never do lasers as a starter
  3. amazing result, video is a bit all over the place but honestly you look so much happier now your skin is better, in the before photos you looked very sad and i noticed the same with me looking forward to specific vids rebirth!
  4. dont kill yourself, its all first world problems at the end of the day you have to adapt while exhausting EVERY POSSIBLE solution think how much time and money you have already invested into your life once you have tried everything, then its up to you. I had a seriously bad period for a few months where the same thoughts would come multiple times a day but honestly noone wants to die, things can change
  5. hell no you will never get rid of those scars with creams lasers or rolling
  6. And then do their best to try and hide the ingrediants list this companies feel no guilt about making money from potentially killing people and making their skin even worse so you need more creams and the loop goes on and on why should consumers have to research every product on the market to find one which is just about acceptable. Blows my mind
  7. £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
  8. im at breaking point looking back my skin wasnt even that bad but BDD perfectionist and dermotologists promised great results and now my skin is so much worse, actual pock holes and pores merged together making actual holes in my skin im so done at this stage,, i know these are untreatable its a moment of courage or a lifetime of suffering for me at this point
  9. obviously its just my advice, dont do any lasers besides v beam and make sure to start on the lowest settings some people accutane permently changes the way the skin can heal. if you start getting acne after accutane = GAME OVER
  10. i have the same skin texture and was about to take accutane to make it better but wtf am i going to do now by the way that is untreatable, ive tried every treatment and only made it worse. like the user above said be gentle and keep moisterised
  11. might be interested although pretty sure ive lost all ability to socialise from years of social isolation
  12. thank you, imagine if this takes off and becomes a craze. I can even see people without scarring paying for this
  13. well you are trading a hole in the skin for a small brown dot. id do that in a heartbeat if it was some sort of material stamped onto the skin that would cover the hole. Freckles are youthful and socially acceptable mutiple ice picks in your face however is not
  14. Any help would be appreciated i just typed it into google thinking there would be a handful to choose from and there are literally thousands. Im so lost. Idealy I want something that brightens the area and fades the look of tired eyes but doesnt look like you are wearing anything. thank you