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  1. i was on dan kerns regime for about 3 months and I really didnt see any results, but I stuck with it because everybody said too. I was lookin in the mirror one day and was just gettin so frustrated, but i realized i have to try something different because this isnt working for me. well my pores kept getting clogged so i figure i should use a salicylic cleanser (however you spell it.) my new regimen now is clean with a .5% salicylic cleanser (neutregena) for like a good 30 seconds, then i use t
  2. yea it did to me that shit sucks. spent like 10 bucks on it too cus i thought it was so good.
  3. i use lac hydrin five, and then i have a neutregena spf 15 lotion that i put a thin layer on over the lay hydrin to have spf protection. works great i've been doing this since i started the regimen so like 2 months. plus you use up the lotion you paid for.
  4. this is what i do. put the cetaphil on. then rub a small amount just enough to have a thin layer of your face of the neutregena spf 15. just use em both.
  5. well i've only been on it about 2 months and yes so far cleared my up almost 100%. I'm sure by the end of month 3 i will be consistently clear. the breakouts get less and less and smaller everytime. DKR really works. took me about 2 months to get everything under control though. just stick with it.
  6. i use lac hydrin 5 twice a day i have no problems with it. it works great
  7. i thought it made me break out. it made my skin really dry. hvaent tried it since. anybody got any advice? or should i just not worry bout using it.
  8. everybody needs to get out to the beach man! i live really close to the outer banks in north carolina and i went there this weekend, man the sun got rid of my redmarks by like 80% I just needed a little tan and some sea water. best i've looked in a long time. go get some sun put on some spf though!
  9. At night I do the regimen except I do not moisturize and i've gotten really great results. I've been doing this for about a month now and I think the drying out is helping the acne to go away faster and it's also helping my redmarks more too. I dont know why it's been working so good but i'm not complaining! anybody else not moisturize at night? if so how did that work for you? oh and i dont really flake that bad either I use an AHA moisturizer in the morning after BP.
  10. yeah well whiteheads are dead skin being killed in the pimple and rising to the surface so ya it does mean it's healing.. im pretty sure
  11. i dont like jojoba oil at all. id really did make me breakout because when i quite using it the breakouts slowed down a lot more. it just isnt for some people i guess.
  12. i use lac-hydrin 5 moisturizer which has an AHA in it. works WONDERS. best lotion i've ever used. i had like completely flaky skin where you could just rub it off and it took care of it after like 2 uses.