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  1. thanks for those links! i really appreciate that. you know i haven't looked at her website in a long time. years ago i used her products and felt they broke me out, so i never went back!!! but, i do like her research! maybe i should just keep using my aha moisturizer under my eyes and hope that helps! my mom has a retinol sample too that she said i could try. in the meantime, i'm still looking for a good coverup, but i see paula has some tips on that, too. really appreciate these links. th
  2. thanks. hopefully someone will post in with some miracle cures!
  3. ya the jojoba stings and gets into my eyes even in super tiny amounts. plus it makes my contacts all foggy in the morning.
  4. lac hydrin 5 is on dan's list i use it on my face...only in winter if you have really bad hands theraplex is dr recommended but honestly i find shea it isn't so by bath and body (yes foot lotion!) is by far the best! good luck!!!
  5. All right ladies, time to dish! 1) first off...what's a good anti-wrinkle under-eye treatment? Been scouring makeup alley have tried lots of clique products (moisture surge, all-about-eyes, the garnier roller, etc) and neutrogena anti-wrinkle. nothing's made a difference. not interested in prescriptions at this time...would like to stay under $40 if possible. anyone tried the jane iredale or cindy crawford stuff? i'm imagining those are just infomercial hypes? 2) also my mineral makeup is s
  6. amazon.com has some or try a natural foods store near you
  7. i like smokymountainminerals.com she's also on ebay and probably ships out of country. not 100% sure tho.
  8. thanks for all your input, ladies! wanted to let you know i'm officially in loooooove... with smokymountainminerals.com it's official! perfect color. doesn't sweat off. awesome, awesome stuff! now if we can just keep her little mom and pop business IN business thru this recession!!!
  9. check out this forum convo all about pale girl makeup options...lots of brand suggestions to try. i like smokymountainminerals.com http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Pale-Face...al-t137641.html
  10. just to post in what i found out... switched to smokymountainminerals.com and no more sliding makeup! this stuff rocks!
  11. check out this forum convo all about pale girl makeup options...lots of brand suggestions to try. i like smokymountainminerals.com http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Pale-Face...al-t137641.html
  12. Ladies just had to paste in with the new love of my fair skin life: smokymountainminerals!!!!! omg love love LOVE it and thank you to all the lovelies who recommended it. the ONLY TIME IN MY LIFE the lightest shade was TOO LIGHT. (i bought it and it was just a smidge too white). so...i'm wearing light in smoky mt minerals. totally good for you. no additives. no break outs. heeeeeeck ya! highly recommend it! plus, it's cheap AND they always have coupons! and bonus! no running down my face i
  13. just to update. skin seems to be pretty good!!! dan's products waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay BETTER than drugstore brands morning: dan's wash. summer: dan's moisturizer + a little aha winter: lac hydrin 5 moisturizer add small amount of bp in problem areas makeup: smoky mountain minerals. AWESOME stuff evening: dan's wash treatment - tons lac hydrin if i'm really really dry; otherwise just use bp. yeeeeehaw! occasionally will get a blemish week after my "cycle" but that's it.
  14. Thanks, ladies! I've definitely done a ton of research (as you can see, I posted lots of it!) and tried several brands. Just looking for people's personal preferences as to what the "best" one is out there in terms of coverage, blending, and not breaking out!!! I'm thinking of trying Smokey Mountain or Faerie next... they seem to have fewest additives. Thoughts?
  15. cetaphil makes an spf 50? does it work like a regular sunscreen/sunblock? i need something i can wear when i go swim at the beach. THANKS! I have been using http://solrx.com/inc/sdetail/177 I like it a lot. It feels weird and tight on ur skin, but it's fairly revolutionary. I've only used it a couple times tho so I'm not sure if it breaks me out or not... I think it doesn't. Spray in your hands first then apply to face. I wouldn't recommend it for daily use tho. Anything Aveeno or Neutrogena