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  1. i kno exactly how u feel.In the day i seem quiet but in the day i cant stop takin. The sunlight makes acne and scars noticeable. However without the sun your skin appears smooth and acne is not very noticeable at all. I hate being in the passage seat of my car with the sun blaring at my face n exposing scars, but on the drive home i look straight ahead instead of down...tryin 2 hide my face.
  2. thx guys for the reponse and the support. I gave my friend a call 2day and talked to him about how hes doing and consoled him. I asked him when the funeral is and told him that I would try and make. It felt good because by the tone of his voice I knew he was hurting and hopefully my phonecall helped.
  3. Hey I'm having a hard time right now. One of my close friends from elementary school's mom died and i dont know what to do. I havent seen him in 4 years because of my acne. I was on accutane for severe acne and now its clear but i have scars. I dont know what to do im so fuking self conscious that i cant even attend the funeral and console my best friend.I feel so fucking selfish right now. I need some support and help right plz.
  4. could this thing acutally heal acne/acne scars? http://youtube.com/watch?v=j1Jw5RHjjRI&feature=related
  5. yes bro im in the same position jus turned 18 and i dont kno anything about my future
  6. hey anyone else gonna be 18 this year? Anyway I don't feel my age because my my acne/scaring and i dont know what im going to do for the rest of my adult life
  7. This christmas i won't care how my skin looks im just going to worry about having a joyous christmas with all my of family
  8. sorry i can't spell.the topic was siposed to be making not maing...anyway i agree with siouxsie im more talkative with my friends but people that i dont talk to think im quiet because im dont talk to them.
  9. i hate it when people say ur "Quiet" cuz that pissess me off at skool. Honestly if u don't kno me fully like outside of skool dont say shit and maybe if u talked to me i wouldn't seem so quiet u hypocrite lol...can u relate
  10. i wear a hat every time i got out its a bad habbit but it help block the evil sunlight lol
  11. with 100 million i could buy anew face and then have some more 2 spend lol
  12. People with acne scarring can never make good first impression because when u meet a new person they will first focus and wonder what happened to your face no matter how u greet them...doesn't this suck?
  13. i have th exact same situation...my n my old friends were considered "good looking" but now with me scars i dont think i can ever meet them
  14. im thinking about watching it with my friends over halloween....hopefully ill feel better about my face after watch the movie lol
  15. o man that movie was life changing...any1 who has severe/mild acne needs to see it cuz it can be much worse.