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  1. i feel guilty cuz i try hard not eat there n when i do i feel like i let myself down u know what i mean. cmon im sure u sometimes feel guilty for doing something that u try not to do
  2. mcdonalds is good every time i eat there i get the double cheeseburger meal with no onions ewwww i hate those tiny onions. I also get a mchicken with a coke does anyone else put there fries in the burger and bite it cuz thats what i do its very good. I only eat that maybe once a month i feel guilty when i eat there
  3. hey every1 just want to ask if any1 ever tried honey mixed with sea salt, lemon juice as a mask and helped them clear up there acne. Im going to see if it does anything for me in the next 2 weeks. Right now have I have 2 active pimples on my chin and above my lip also some red marks from past breakouts.
  4. I've been eating oranges and walnuts alot lately and i broke out on my jaw is it possible that the oranges and the walnuts are to blame. let me know if this had happen to anyone before or similar to it
  5. I leave it on my face for about 15-30 then wash it off then add bp I do it at night. I have only been doing this for about 4 days so im not sure if its working yet
  6. what i do is wash my face with warm water and sea salt, but i leave it on my face and let dry. The thing that sucks is you wake up with salt in your face. I've only been doing it for 3 days so i have not seen any results yet.
  7. well i also eat chicken and fish. I take vitamin supplements zinc,omega acids,vitamin A and acidophlus
  8. im going to cut out all fruit except for apples and blueberries. Apples make my smoothie more drinkable because it makes it taste sweeter. As for veggies im going to eat spinache,kale,cucumbers,carrots. Lets see how that works out i do feel more energy when i eat fruits and veggies
  9. like twice a day but it sucks eating healty and im breaking out even more. Im going to keep eating like this for 2 more weeks and it gets worst then im just going back to eating junk food
  10. for the last week or so ive been eating nothing but fruit and veggies. I juice cucumbers apple and carrots. I mix it in my blender with frozen fruits blueberrys,pineapple,mangos,melon. I seemed to break out more since ive been doing this should I stop. I thought eating fruits and veggies were good for your skin but its doing more harm then good why is this happing.
  11. i was wondering why do i always get acne on my right cheek. I mean i wash my face every day should i put more bp on my right cheek since i usually have my breakout on that side of my face
  12. It cant be because thats only happens in face and mostly only to women. So it has to be something else
  13. about 3 years ago i went to flordia for a vacation i got a really bad sunburn on my back. After that went away i got left with this big brownspot on my back does anyone know what that is and how do i make it go away. I was thinking maybe hydroxy acid
  14. ok I dont break out often maybe like 6 pimples a month or so. for some reason i always get them in my chin why is that . Right now i just wash my face with just regular water then i put Dans 2.5% bp and i moisterize with nuetragena defense 45spf. When i dont have active pimples I use youthfull essense microdermabrasion kit for my red marks and scars.
  15. i have the hydroxy brand from drugstore.com. I mean im thinking about trying the mamas brand because its stronger i think its 20%. The 12% may have stop working so i need to go stronger but ill see if the microdermabrasion reduces my acne scars and red marks i hope it does im running out of ideas. Its a pretty good brand its the youthful essence i just order it on the 21st of may so i might get by the end of this week
  16. what if i use AHA one day and microdermasion like every other 2 days. I could only use microdermabrasion 2-4 times a week
  17. i just bought the youthful essence home kit but i was wondering if i could use it with AHA 12%. On the directions it says you cant use them both. I heard people say that it could burn your face but is 12% that strong
  18. i just bought acv for my redmarks but im not sure when to use it. Do i use it after i clense and do leave it on my skin or wash it off im so confused. Can anyone please give me some guidence lol
  19. i just bought acv for my redmarks but im not sure when to use it. Do i use it after i clense and do leave it on my skin or wash it off im so confused. Can anyone please give me some guidence lol
  20. does anyone know a good facial scrub without sa because sa makes me breakout for some reason