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  1. As an acne and scars sufferer myself, all I can say is we all have our own issues. One thing you're obviously doing is staying away without even trying. You also feed yourself with so much negativity that it hinders you to show who truly you are. I know we should expect the worst but feeding yourself with so much negativity won't do any good to you most especially. I can't believe I'm saying this but (I do now) not all human beings are judgmental. Try to get to know someone first. Don't ask some
  2. Good for peeling needs.. but for my skin NO

    First: This brand is hailing from PHL (for you guys reading outside my country) This is an effective yet cheap peeling cream. I've tried different brands of this as well. It's a combination of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone if I'm not mistaken. Been using this for years. I've used BOTH cream and solution from 1 to 3. But I am not really satisfied with this even though I followed the recommended use of this. I even used this with the soap, sunblock and moisturizer all from the
  3. You got a clear point there hun! All I can add is be true to yourself. Just because we have acne love isn't for us. I tried those social media shenanigans (when I was younger) and I constantly fear meeting people in person. It's embarrassing to share but I had "2 online boyfriends" and never met them in person. If they wanted to see me I just tell them I'm busy in school. (you all know that's BS right? :D) That would be those days and I'm laughing right now remembering those crazy moments.
  4. I don't. Life is a special gift. Not all living beings have this chance we got. But one thing I wish waaaay when I was in my teenage years is I wish that we have lots of money >> for plastic surgery that's how badly I hated my skin. Even though you may run across my posts here and you often see that my replies are on positive side I wanted you to know that before being positive I went through hell as well. Just keep this in mind hun, we all have our battles to conquer and you might not kn
  5. Ok I know this is kind of an off topic response but OMG!! you guys are fans of Game of Thrones as well!
  6. True to that The trick is to constantly learn how to accept yourself without comparing yourself to someone else's skin. We're all unique
  7. It doesn't look as bad as you see it. I've seen a lot worse. so yeah, Cheer up!
  8. Congratulations baby! When I looked at the first two pictures, I knew without a doubt you'll look prettier.
  9. You can do it hun! Staying positive is quite challenging, we'll just have to make it a habit. Sending all my hugs all the way from PHL. ♥♥♥
  10. Yep. not using BCP anymore. I hate water retention. really. I looked preggy but not. Especially whenever I wear dress, people asked if I am. :))
  11. Before, I would swallow and just shrugged it, deep inside I'm dying but when I was waaaaay matured already... What I said once, (feels like I'm conceited) "imagine if I don't have acne problems" and then wink. We laughed our butts off.
  12. We love it...

    My sister and I love this one. We don't experience any breakout or any irritation. Cheap and effective.
  13. Soooo gentle..

    I love it. Does not irritate my skin. Good for sensitive skin. We have milk variation in my country and I absolutely love it as well.
  14. My first scrub...

    and will always be part of my go to scrub brands. Definitely my skin feels good after using it. And felt like it gave me glow :)
  15. If I have clear skin...

    Maybe it's good if I have clear skin but since my skin isn't I look terrible with this. Fine with coverage but the scars are still visible even with foundation or powder. Didn't work for me