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  1. my mom's homeopathic doctor has me on 90mg. how much can be absorbed in a sitting?
  2. Or maybe adding baking soda to cetaphil, and how much do i add? or times per week
  3. so from what i'm hearin is that steaming is not irritating at all
  4. if i post a hi-def pic of my face will you guys be able to tell if i have this pigment problem?
  5. I have really sensitive skin, I was thinking about steaming maybe twice a week or so. I have bad redmarks and I am now breaking out a little from using Aqua Glycolic cleanser with whiteheads, do you think this will help?
  6. I wouldn't know I haven't used shampoo or deodorant in about 6 months
  7. when is his book comin out? i'm interested in tryin his stuff out
  8. don't like at this as a negative but more as a positive you're getting a golden opportunity to help relieve you of your social anxiety and getting paid for it
  9. personally for me vitamin e oil is workin wonders, but it's the very high quality kind which means it's more expensive than vinegar (which didn't do much for my redmarks)
  10. So you really rate it that high for redmarks? I have some that I want to get rid of badly. What should I ask my doctor for? I might buy Aqua Glycolic Cleanser too
  11. Thank you "overman" - I am glad it's working for you. Yes, mine is 100%... smells divine too! I'm hoping it's just pulling out all the YUCK from my pores (thus the blisterlike breakouts).