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  1. Life saver! Natural really is better

    I've been using this for some months and it has definitely reduced my closed comedones and made my skin look much better. I'm using this as a cleanser/mask every night like it says in an article [Edit] called "Wash Your Face With Yogurt And Your Skin Will Thank You (Plus, It's Not As Gross As It Sounds)" (Try to google this) Not only has it reduced closed comedones but also made my skin tone even and made it less red. Every night before bed, i put this on my face and let it
  2. Shrinked my zits over Night.

    So ever since I started my vacation in a country with a lot of hot weather, my face got a lot more oilie. I started to break out on my forehead and a bit also on my nose. I then started to try this by testing on my nose one night and then on my zits the next day. It then thankfully shrinked all my zits over night! (I have combination skin btw)
  3. Thank you so much, but won't a moisturizer clog my pores? I have a Nivea creme men that I usually use for moisturize sometimes
  4. How do I get rid of these and what's the cause for them?
  5. I've never really used sunscreen before, but I think i'll just start a routine by putting plain yoghurt on my face and use it as a mask every night. I was doing this for some time and now i know how much it helped with other stuff too Do you think that hot weather will help make these bumps go away? Since i'm traveling to some countries with very hot weather next week
  6. Some months, but could sunscreen fix all these? i've noticed they've gotten even more worse in the summer
  7. So i've started to get these "bumps" all over my forehead for some months and it don't seem to be any fix for it? I already wash my face daily and everything, and starting to think that my nivea creme are the cause for these?