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  1. Ask for a makeup consultation at your favorite store if you want free lessons... I used to work as a cosmetician at a drugstore here in Canada and I can suggest a few things to ask for: -call ahead and ask if you can make an appointment at a time when the store will be dead = more personal time the cosmetician will spend with you -if you are on a budget then ask to be made up with some of the less expensive brands, if you are with a cosmetician that is honest and professional she won't mind
  2. Hello, I wear fairly light neutral in intensive formula. I love the soft bronzer because it does not give an orange cast that a lot of bronzers have. The tinted silk dust also works well for me as a final step, I have slightly oily skin. If you like to use vaseline on your lips try mixing some with your favorite blush in an empty sample jar. Microwave it for 30 seconds then tap the container on your counter until the vaseline settles nicely. When it cools it will harden slightly and makes a
  3. Your skin is just getting used to the BHA; that is not a sign that you're resistant to the treatment. Have patience and you'll be rewarded. It takes up to a month, sometimes more, to see results with a BHA. It takes even longer for results with a retinoid cream/lotion/gel - three months! Keep applying it daily and you will notice change over the long term. It might be beneficial for you to take a picture of yourself for your own records now, and then monthly so you can visibly track your
  4. I will always be greatful for the improvement that I have had using BHA but it definetly is not a bullet proof thing. I still get the odd thing popping up here or there, I would say that my skin is 95% clear on a consistent basis. I think that being patient has been the hardest thing for me, while waiting to see results... but now that I have gotten great results I still sometimes wish that it could do more so that I could have skin like a baby lol! I think over the time that I have been usin
  5. Hey Ok, I wanted to share something that happened to me that was similar to this. I had been faithfully using BHA for about 2 months and things were great, I hadn't had an inflamed pimple since the intial purge at the beginning. I finished my thesis project and final semester of my final year of university (most stress of my life). 2 weeks later I felt a sore spot on my chin. It had been so long that I thought 'is this a pimple? No, couldn't be' I tried to ignore it, but it got bigger ove
  6. one more thing. I wonder if the 1% is going to strong enough seeing how she has been using the stridex pads with 0.5% for so long. Hi The way you describe your daughter's skin definetly sounds like closed comedones to me so I think you are on the right track. Like the person above me said, the stridex pads are probably not working to exfoliate, and if they contain alcohol, may be doing more harm then good. One of the best things I got from Paula's Choice (besides her products) was lear
  7. I felt the same way with wanting to make the right decision right away, it is expensive for me to order in Canada as well. If you wanted to order the 2% you could easily ease yourself into it by applying it once every few days to start and then apply it more frequently as your skin gets used to it. Your other option I guess would be to order a few sample packets of 1% (one packet lasted me 3 or 4 days I remember) to spread it out.
  8. Hello Sorry I haven't updated for a while, I have been away. My status now is still improving, but one of the greatest things is to be able to rely on waking up to clear, smooth skin everyday. I am still using it morning and night. I think that now I have been using it for 3 months or so. I had most of the issues that you mention and I feel that it has worked miraculously compared to anything else I have tried. Keep in mind, as others have mentioned, that it will not make a drastic differe
  9. It will have an effect on red marks because it is causing your skin to exfoliate faster and more regulated than normal. So a new, rejuvinated layer of skin is being brought to the surface (with less redness). I know I noticed a difference in my red marks and overall eveness of skin tone. As far as scars go, it may help to even them out over time, but probably not if it is a deep scar. All it can do is exfoliate, not repair the skin.
  10. BHA cannot unfortunately reduce pore size, according to Paula's books, there really isn't anything that can. As far as oil production goes, I hope someone else can chime in because I do not have oily skin so I'm not sure. BHA would help razor burn because it is an anti-inflammatory so it will reduce the redness and swelling (those raised red bumps) that is razor burn.
  11. The lotion absorbs quickly and leaves your skin soft and moisturized. This would suit someone with slightly dry - dry skin. The gel is liquidy and takes a little longer to absorb but once you get the hang of it, leaves no trace on the skin. The gel is more suited to daytime application because you can layer sunscreen and makeup over it without feeling greasy or heavy. The gel would also be suited to anyone with oily skin. I have not tried the liquid but it is the consistency of a toner and
  12. good question, I use a dime sized amt and yes if you use more you are left with a sticky residue like you described. I find that it also helps alot to apply it to small portions of your face at a time (like how you apply BP when on the regimen) so that it fully absorbs. Hope this helps.