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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure if I can use an aspirin mask. I'm actually allergic to it when ingested, but I don't know about skin contact. I guess I could try a little bit in a hidden spot and see what happens. I also forgot to mention that I'm allergic to a lot of cosmetics, the worst being makeup, oily creams (like Olay stuff) and heavily scented things. So it's a bit harder for me.. ^^;
  2. I keep hearing that exfoliation helps improve acne and the look of your skin, but is that really true? I get acne from simply touching my skin, such as by leaning on my hand. I've also gotten acne by others lightly touching my face. I never get severe acne, but I do get pimples that are quite painful and red. So I think exfoliating is a really bad idea for me, but what do I do to improve the look of my skin? It tends to look rather dull all the time..
  3. I used to get a lot of crap from people for my acne when I was in highschool, sometimes it got to me really badly. I would edit my photos and wear makeup (even though I am very allergic to it, wearing it would be quite a painful experience). Once I got out of highschool (well actually, around grade 11 I was doing correspondance so I no longer had to deal with the social BS that highschool entails). Anyways, being an adult really does help a lot. I haven't gotten any comments about my acne (it's
  4. Instead of scrubbing your skin so hard (and thus causing more acne) you should get some oil removing sheets by clean & clear. They remove the extra grease for me and don't cause any new acne (unless I press too hard).
  5. So I've been doing the BP regimen for over a year now (closer to 2) and I've found that it has stopped working. In the beginning I was doing it once a day and moved to twice a day. But now the effect has completely stopped. I was very clear for a while, but it slowly came back.. and I did not change the regimen or miss days. Now my face is not clear and I still get big/red zits sometimes. I finally just decided to stop a few weeks ago and my face has stayed the same as it was (not as bad as it
  6. I don't like wearing tons of makeup and photoshopping myself.. because then I wish I really did look like that and it makes me not want to let people see me in real life. I bet a lot of celebrities think that too, but what can you do. I don't think celebrities having acne is really a bad thing, I think it makes them seem a lot more human and it's easier to relate to them that way. :3
  7. You could look a little closer you know. Most of them have makeup on, but you can still see it underneath. Try zooming in if you have a small monitor or something. It's nothing severe and it is covered up, but it is there. *shrug*
  8. If any don't work, try copying the link and pasting to a new window. Some of these aren't the best examples, my apologies.. most of this is going by memory. Some people just have scarring rather than acne.. Elizabeth Hurley http://www.danasdirt.com/uploaded_images/l2-737464.jpg Bill Murray http://bilder.filmstarts.de/verzeichnis/fi...enFlowers08.jpg Daniel Radcliffe http://www.virgin.net/movies/wallpapers/im...cliffe_1600.jpg Rupert Grint http://www.home.no/thederclub/Bilder/Rupert/rup4.JPG
  9. Acne has contributed to many things over a long period of time to make me very introverted and it helped kill my self-esteem. Sometimes my acne is just so gross that I don't want to go outside at all, I don't even want to see my family or anything either :/