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  1. I visited a hot spring yesterday, it was somewhat agreable, but I noticed that every single pimple I had at that time was "autopopped" from the heat, but I got told that I shouldn't worry about it because the is sulfur and limestone (?) in the water, is it really true that it is no problem that they were popped by the heat?
  2. I read a brochure about a nearby hot spring (210° F) which claims to help in the treatment of skin conditions (ie. Acne). Should I try it out? (And is it true that hot springs cause impotence?)
  3. So I had to see my derm a few weeks ago and she stopped giving me roaccutane, she said my alkaline phosphatase levels were too high (my level is 485 and the max. level is 130) she said it is mainly because I'm anorexic (I lost 20 pounds!!!) even tought I'm only eating healthy, I'm not THAT anorexic, so I'm off tane since a month or so, what do you think? Should I gain weight because of tane?
  4. Day 21: I lost 20 pounds weight, WOOH! This has nothing to do with roaccutane or acne but it's still great! Day 22: Virtualy clean. Day 23: A new zit. Day 24: Another new zit. Day 25: 3 cysts, I never had cysts, I don't even know how to spell this!!! Day 26: My derm stopped prescribing me tane because I'm on a diet and I have to gain weight during two months till my alcaline phosphats have lowered or so, NOOOOOOO!
  5. Day 16: I'm finally taking two pills a day! YES! Lips are A LOT dryer, and my skin too, I'm not even sweating and it is freaking hot!!! Day 17: People notice that my face is dryer, no more oily skin!!! Day 18: I'm seriously wondering if these pills do anything except making me dryer?! Day 19: A pimple became smaller. Day 20: I'm "containing" 250 mg of isostrein, oh my god... Nice theme on the forums!
  6. Day 14: No more pimples under my hair. Day 15: Nothing.
  7. Day 13: New pimples under my hair (on the head), ehh...
  8. I'm actually on Roacctuane, and I have some traces because of acne (I'm not sure whether they are red marks or scars, but I think the latter.) So do you know of any product (preferably topical) you can use WHILE you're on tane?
  9. How do you change your display name (not username)?
  10. Day 12: Buyed new lip balm (FOR 25 DOLLARS!) and ate another pill+new pimple.
  11. Day 11: Ate another pil. Less pimples. EDIT: Lips are bleading, applied lip balm.
  12. Day 10: Less pimples, less lip dryness, 100 mg in my body (total.)