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  1. So I've been on differin for 4-6 months (can't remember) and in combination with a strict diet I've seen some great results. But I do have a lot of hyper pigmentation left though , would it hurt to tan and try to make it less noticeable?
  2. That dog is so damn cute!

  3. That actually makes complete sense
  4. Soooo how do you eat carbs since they turn to sugar in your body? Congrats on getting clear!
  5. Well I finally found out what works for me, and since I gained a lot of knowledge from this site I decided to share Basically my program: Abolutely NO sugar, ever. The most important rule of my "regime", if I take even a little sugar I breakout, yea it sucks but I can live with it. Only shower three times a week, avoiding my face. , and no I don't smell like poo poo No dairy Wash face with cold water in the evening. That's it really, took me ages to find out what I could eat, and what
  6. I'm already on accutane. I've already tried all those "other" options...with ABSOLUTELY NO response. Thanks, though.
  7. IMO you're better of trying some different options first. Any way you could try Differin (creme)? It's seriously working wonders for me.