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  1. Fake it until you make it. Working out helped me out a whole lot, it's the only reason why I have the tiny bit of confidence lmao
  2. It might not be related to it, you're just noticing it more. Libido has too many factors, could be even just from your raised confidence.
  3. As the above posters said, they would help if the deficiencies were the cause. Though, with zinc, it should help reduce inflammation. And if you were deficient, you should try to catch up on your levels with food/supplements for just general health wise
  4. Hmm try imagining those people being blind, or try to see yourself as being badass with those scars, "every scar has their own story" acne has made you into a stronger person, and those other people are jealous that you're more mature.
  5. Then why recommend it? Lmao go away dude. Before I be the bigger man and ignore you, I recommend it because being a little tired is better than having racing thoughts and a negative mood, which would have an impact on various other things.
  6. It is not recommended to take anything with anything. OP- Theanine is good, I get mine from powdercity for cheap. Try researching NALT/L-Tyrosine. Stay away from GABAergics. And yes it might make you tired, 5-HTP does that usually any relaxant (anxiety is mostly reduced when relaxed personally) will make you tired
  7. You are the only idiot here. If you think that you will be remembered for that, what have you been achieving in your life? Yes pimples wow people get them, but what will you do? Just die? Or will you actually change what you think you're remembered for? In your age, you should know better than to think like a teenager
  8. Thats a lie right there, I mean yes you won't find a relationship with a person if they are shallow enough to not look through your acne, but that is NOT the majority of humans. I personally think that acne has made me into the best man I could be indirectly. It's all under your control of what you think. Your mind is more powerful than you think. You are only digging yourself deeper into a hole.
  9. I disagree, being positive will help prevent the acne getting to your head (mentally). Some people turn out to get anxiety whenever outside, or depression/feeling hopeless. Everyone is fighting a battle like it or not, no matter how big or small. Some are physical and some are mental.
  10. Never tried Saffron, but you can take a look at supplements such as 5-HTP, which is a precursor to some chemicals including melatonin. I personally am trying out different therapeutic chemicals. You can also take a look at Valerian Root, which I believe lightly works with the GABA system. Don't buy any GABA powder btw, doesn't cross the blood-brain-barrier. Also, you can try researching NALT and Ashwanganda
  11. Yes, if taken daily for a while it could have an effect on the hearts rhythm. try to alternate it with another thing like L-Tyrosine or Tryptophan
  12. Hahaha basically OP has claimed he's a judgmental person. What do you expect OP? You aren't perfect, so why do you expect all girls to be perfect? It's common sense that every girl and guy will have something not perfect with them.
  13. I believe someone's acne was caused by vitamin B12, have you noticed a change after starting it?
  14. Well you can be like me, use the antibiotics as a temporary fix while you research/study and try to find the underlying cause. Long term is like anything longer than 6 months or something, so don't worry for now, just absorb more information online. And don't forget to avoid any sources of calcium/milk (within 2 hours) of when taking the pill, or else it'll be not absorbed as well
  15. But it's a bad reason. I don't like people who give others false hope. LOL I didn't ask what your opinion is, I am talking to OP, in no way did I quote you. Don't drag anyone under the rain with you my friend.