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  1. I didn't notice a different smell but I did notice the texture seemed different in my last shipment from November 2018. Consistency was creamier feeling and it felt more like a moisturizer. Perhaps they changed the formula but it would be nice to know. It left me wondering if it really is the "treatment" or something else in the wrong bottle.
  2. At times, I think i felt more emotional distress than my son. Not that he wasn't suffering but he was young. I was in panic mode and then the hope of seeing slight improvement got us through the day and the next and the next. It is such a slow process. All these medical miracles and our best option is Accutane...no thank you. You have all of us and there were times this website was the best comfort I could find. Educating myself, reading everything I could and just not feeling so alone in
  3. Please don't give up. Keep on trying until you conquer this beast. My son had severe acne, body and face at the age of 14. It came on fast and hard. It was a very difficult journey from then to where he is now at 16. Derm visits and lots of pressure to go on Accutane. Choose antibiotic route with outrageously priced lotions and topical treatments. Antibiotics finally started kicking in after 6 months. They helped stop the terrible cystic acne. The improvement plateaued on this regimen.
  4. I too have a son, same age, who was facing the same decision. Significant acne on face, back and chest. He was under the care of a dermatologist and placed on oral antibiotics and multiple topicals on his first visit. Accutane was discussed first visit as well. I was desperate for him and researched Accutane extensively. Second visit with minor improvement, the Accutane was being strongly suggested. I resisted and continued the antibiotic and topicals. After plateauing on this regimen and
  5. Have you tried the acne.org regimen? I think it would clear you right up!! Your acne is not too bad and the acne.org is amazing. Start slow, once a day and then increase if needed. It has worked wonders for my son. Thousands of dollars of derm prescribed RXs couldn't do what acne.org did. Be patient, its not overnight but after a couple weeks, you will see results. My son uses the acne.org cleanser (twice a day), BP (at night only) and added the AHA mixed 1:1 with moisturizer (at night on
  6. Practice with M&Ms! One trick is to NOT throw your head back. Keep your neck straight. Throwing your head back closes your throat a little. Maybe try acne.org regimen before trying Accutane. It works Good luck.
  7. If you haven't tried the acne.org regimen on this website, try it! It worked wonders for my son's skin. Took his skin to a new level of clearing that his derm prescribed RXs couldn't do. Please try it. Start slow to avoid the initial side effects. My son only used the BP at night and didn't add the AHA lotion until over a month and still mixes the AHA lotion 1:1 with Cetaphil lotion. He also cut out 80% of his dairy. No way to get him to give up milk 100%. He also tried Aztec Clay. Its
  8. My son has very sensitive skin as well. He had been on several derm prescribed lotions and antibiotics. His acne had been pretty stable but not clearing. After viewing acne.org for many months, we decided to try the regimen. We discontinued everything except antibiotic. Switched to regimen but only used BP treatment at night. He saw significant improvement with BP nightly only. He never had a bit of drying or problems but his skin was probably use to BP due to the derm RXs. He has contin
  9. i am not an expert but the whiteish colored bumps may be hypertrophic scars. My son has some similar and that is what his derm called these marks.
  10. Little history...my 13 year old son ( at that time ) developed moderate to severe cystic acne, pretty much out of nowhere after a long hot summer of sports and puberty I suppose. He had it on his back, neck, chest and later face. Off to the dermatologist we went. She prescribed Acticlate, Fabior and a BP. At the very first visit, she discussed Accutane as the next step. I had certainly heard of Accutane but didn't know a lot about it. I was hopeful the antibiotic and topicals would do t
  11. Great story and very encouraging. Thank you for posting it!
  12. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion works great on cysts.
  13. My son's chest looked nearly the same. Nothing helped including antibiotics and foams provided by derm. Started using Aztec Healing Clay with ACV 3 times a week. He is starting to see some improvement including reduction of scar tissue which was a complete surprise. Also, occasionally used Mario Badescu buffering and drying lotion on the cysts. Hope this helps!