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  1. WOW! Thanks for sharing. I'm Asian and my mom used to plant tumeric roots when I was younger. Well, I had a huge scar on my right cheek from a fall and my mom mashed some tumeric roots and would place it on my scar every night for about 3-4 months, it faded the scar and was no longer raised. Good stuff!
  2. I actually got some 20% Salicylic Acid (amazon.com) and I've been using the peel for about 3 weeks. My acne has actually been clearing up and my scars are slowly going away. I do the peel weekly and started off at 1 minute and add a minute on top to that each week. The peel isn't that bad and I have sensitive skin. I thought I was going to burn a hole in my face or break out like crazy. I've been taking progression photos so I'll post those up later. Just remember that something that works
  3. I actually did a lot of research on Alpha hydroxy vs Beta hydroxy acid peels before jumping in and purchasing. Beta hydroxy seems to have a longer lasting effect and less chance of irritation. I actually used Lactic Acid peels and they work, but not as intense, so I am upping it to Beta hydroxy peel.
  4. I think the most hurtful thing someone's ever said to me was when I worked at the customer service desk at a grocery store, there's usually 4 people that work at Customer Service, and this customer was used to seeing the other people, I was new and she actually said "I thought pretty-people worked at customer service..." then continued with "well, if you got rid of the stuff on your face, then you'd be pretty..." as if that made me feel better... This was 6 years ago... but still hurts a whole l
  5. Hey brownbag, I just wanted to tell you to keep your head up. I've been dealing with my acne for 10 years... I finally had it clear up for a little bit and then it's all coming back again... I can't remember the last time I was acne-free. I'm so fed up with this... I had my accutane trial and it did not work for me, I had liver damage and extremely dry, cracking skin. I'm at the point of breaking... It sucks, it hurts not only physically, but emotionally. Good luck dear.
  6. hey guys I would like to get everyone's opinion on which prescription medication and topical gel works the best... Accutane is going to be my last resort... Please help!!!!
  7. omg...after 6 months of no trouble... seriously i cannot name a time i had a more severe problem besides the time before my accutane and using the aspirin mask... but now... THEY HAVE COME BACK please... some one please explain... why is my skin so bad... it's not smooth!! it's like course and you can feel the dry skina and all the clogged pores... plus, my skin has gotten A LOT oilier...
  8. yeah take a look at my previous album and then look at these pix... WHAT HAPPENED!?
  9. i read somewhere that jizz has a lot of nutrients or something and that it actually works...
  10. got pho? :D

    du ma to acne ><

  11. thank you :)

    my mom is asian but i dunno about my dad she never talks about him and i don't ask... so it's a mystery!

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    Thank you!!