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  1. well to start i was given kaiser acne wash, 10% bp, and then clindamycin phosphate topical solution, and then avita at night. and ive tried cetaphil and neutrogena before, but i know it wouldnt hurt trying some of the methods that are on this site....but i feel like ive been through it all...
  2. my mom noticed that i had a zit on my neck, but she didnt have to tell me cause i already knew. she is always saying, your breaking out. stop eating junk food or drinking coke and some stuff like that.....i can help eating what i like, and its not like im overweight. im 5'9 and weigh 140....which isnt bad. but i have this acne that keeps on getting worse as i get older, and sometimes the acne hurts too. im just so annoyed that my mom has to point out that i have really bad acne. im trying really
  3. so im 21 and ive tried everything! my face is seriously breaking out and i think its the cruddy kaiser medication that made it that way...so is it food or drinks that affect the pop up of zits? or is it certain face washes, or whatever....should i go back to my doctor and yell at him, haha. well if you have any advice please let me know im extremely desperate and ive had this problem since high school and im really sick of it. thanks