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  1. Well after 5 days post treatment, I can finally say that I like what I see. .. My skin is peeling now..and its sloughing off rather nicely. ..I am hoping it will all come off by the weekend. But I'm enjoying the fresh pink skin thats become visible. ..although I'm walking around my lab looking like a burn patient. I didnt know what I was thinking when I did it the TCA at home...especially with my darker skin tone.. but I think what was tougher for me was going around looking like ET these last f
  2. Thanks guys for all the tips..yep..I'm keeping my skin moist..and havent been out in the sun much...(and have spf 30 on )well..i woke up in the morning and saw that the skin around my chin was just beginning to peel. It hasnt peeled much at the end of the day...but its getting there slowly but surely. I'm just praying that all of the dark layers come off and I am not left with hyperpigmentation. Also, I faced a real humiliating day at work....the looks I got were fascinating..some of them loked
  3. DAY 0 (01/26/07) 8.00 PM I’m a 30 yr old Asian Indian from Atlanta about to get married in March. Like any other bride-to-be, my New Year resolution was to improve my physical appearance in prep for my wedding. So I did a lot of research on chemical peels and decided to use a 10% TCA peel the first time. I bought the 30% TCA kit from makeupartist.com. (I work at a research lab and TCA/ phenol/Baking Soda etc are all readily available…lol) So I had the 30% TCA diluted out to a 10%, washed my