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  1. thank you all for your posts tomorrow I've got to go with my psychiatrist so I will ask him again well i'll let you know what happens if I go into accutane or if I search for another alternative
  2. is it okay to go into accutane being bipolar? cause I would really love getting rid of my acne but I'm not sure if it can affect me more
  3. hi I just wanted to ask you what do you think about going into accutane if I'm bipolar My psychiatrist doesn't want me to be in it cause he tells me that it may interfere in my brain chemistry wich is the last thing you'll want if you are bipolar What do you think about this Do you really think accutane would be bad if I'm bipolar? Cause acne really affects me and I would be glad to get rid of it thanks for reading my post I would really appreciate if someone can give me some advice
  4. : my new regimen I wanted to be in the dan kerns regimen but I found I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide so I will start my new regimen this are the things I'm currently using -cetaphil bar soap -acv topical -mother of pearl cream (concha nacar) -a gel that contains almond, cherry, vitamin e, collagen, and bach flowers, -use twice a week a mask with tea tree oil and I'm going to see if i'm going to use the egg white mask with lemon because I think the last time i used it I think it broke me
  5. hi I'm new in this forum and i just want to talk a little about my story with acne and my life in general. I've been reading a lot of forums in spanish and english i'm from mexico, and i was very glad to find this forum. It's the best one i've ever found. Actually i'm 15 years old and i've been having acne since i was about 13. I've never had a really bad case of acne but it has affected me a lot in mostly every area of my life. My family relationship it's not at its best right now, my whole dea