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  1. I saw a blurp of an infomercial for a new regimen from Stiefel Pharmaceuticals .. I think it was called Clear Max or max Clear... anyone heard of it and or tried it?? thanks
  2. Stuff sucks try the Avon retexturizing peel and Queen Helene's mint julep mask..
  3. Just wanted to pop in to report the meds are still working.. the new breakouts are at a minimum.. had a facial on saturday and my aesthetician was raving about how much improvement she could see.. especially on my oily nose, she wanted me to give mom some of my Klaron lotion because her nose is super oily..whoo hoo, I don't check in with my derm until next month.
  4. WooHoo! :) I'm so glad it's working for you. :D thanks Wynne notice I am still using our "miracle" product Avon retexturizing peel! :dance:
  5. After years of battling with my dermatologist and wanting to smack the crap out of him .I think he got it right... its only been a week but I am definitely seeing some improvement. I will take pics in a week or so, it order to really be able to give a more informed opinion...
  6. thanks!! I have the 60 mg, I've only taken it twice, but it has not irritated my stomach like tetracycline did..that's half the battle
  7. Just came from seeing dermatologist for the first time in almost two years and this is the combo he prescribed. Anyone had any experiences good or bad with this combo? thanks Key
  8. Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask!! I have finally gotten on the bandwagon after years of just staring at it wonderign if it would work whenever I went to drug stores.
  9. let me just say,I know what you mean, I have had acne for over 18 years, but you dont know that couple and problems they may have, or the insecurities they have as individuals... just love yourself.. it's all you can do... Key
  10. I would suggest that you find an online support group of other people with your condition... I am sure you are not alone and it not healthy for you to be sitting up by yourself.. maybe it turns out there is someone in your area that you could meet with in person.. as soon as your insurance kicks in i urge you to find a counselor to discuss your feelings of alienation.. take care , Key
  11. www.myspace.com/theoriginalkeydra click on the pics, I haven't set up the slideshow yet sorry. not very close up..But trust me I have acne, have for about 18 years now..