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  1. hey stranger. good to see you're still around :)

  2. one more thing. I've noticed if I use shampoo with SLS in it and forget to take my fish oil pills, I get zits on my hairline. What the fuck. SO annoying. Thats all.
  3. WOW! Its been a while...I cant believe its already been a year since I tried Green Cream?! The level 6, for what its worth, just wasnt strong enough for my insanely tough/damaged skin. I need a level 9 and have been lazy about getting it. Right now, as of today my regimen is as follows - morning and night -(and I am bad at keeping it tight because I stay out late, fall asleep with my makeup on, etc etc) - wash w/ j&j head-to-toe - Clearasil Pads (the 2% SA ones w/ hydrogen peroxide. I
  4. Howwwdy hoooo! How are ya bud? I see you endorse Extra virgin olive oil. I will def start that up. Theres retinol in cod liver oil? Oh boy!

  5. Hey chica, I havent been around for a while and it looks like neither have you. I hope all is well :)

  6. I thought this was a joke at first. If you think $40 is a lot for a regimen? Even Proactiv (which is close to the regimen but no where near as effective) is $60 for a starter kit! As for your parents saying that your face costs them a lot of money? Are you f'ing kidding me? First of all, tell them their GENES are costing you a lot of greif and heartache, how bout that? Second - obviously these people have NEVER seen what a dermatologist bill looks like. Oh my god. Seriously
  7. if i had my way, you'd have all the love you could handle :)

  8. Ooo does that mean I get some extra love for lost time?

  9. you are my favorite too! what a coinky-dink!

  10. hey! i missed you! :)

  11. Jdub.... my favorite =]

  12. I use the mineralized skinfinish in natural and I love it. It seems like it would not be a lot of coverage but I like it a lot. If you want extreme coverage there is always studio fix powder but I find it to come out cakey and really bad for my skin. But I do love the Studio fix Fluid Line. It is very light and looks flawless when applied with a 187 brush from MAC. Let me know if there is anything

  13. I plucked mine til they were almost non-existent up into my 20s and finally one day I was like SCREW THIS and banned myself from touching them til they grew back in (I was a mess for a while lol!) and then got them professionally done to get an idea of where I SHOULD be keeping an arch. Now they are SO much cleaner looking, a nice relaxed V shape. but not clown/surprised or anything, and not round (gag!) They are sparse tho so I am going to start filling them in a bit w/ a pencil LIGHTly, not