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  1. My neighbor who is a brain surgeon says 1) always take the antibiotic on an empty or light stomach for max absorption and 2) This one was interesting but he said after about an hr when the pill has broken down and is in your blood stream he told me to do a hand stand or somehow get the blood to rush to your head/face area so the facial area can get a surge of antibiotic treatment....anyone ever heard of this?
  2. Is it true if you begin to miss doses regularly your body begins to form an immunity to the antibiotic more quickly than if you were taking the recommended dose? I do not understand how this could be true if essentially missing doses= taking less of the drug.
  3. I go to the sauna every day as I am convinced it helps with my acne. A friend of mine says going to the sauna regularly will permanently make my pores larger....Is this true?
  4. I got a red bump on my nose for 10 days now...usually my biggest pimples dont last this long. Its dull red, not bright red like a fresh pimple, and it never was painful. Its pretty big, ive been icing and applying honey on it over night. Any thoughts?
  5. Most oral antibiotics can only be used for a maximum of 6 months. My question is does acne come back worse than it was before antibiotics after the 6 months are up, and if there is any other oral medication you can use immediately after the first 6 month antibiotic cycle has been completed. THANKS
  6. define "working out"...it seems you must have been doing lots of cardio from all the sweating you had..specifically weight lifting can raise test. levels and cause a break out
  7. cortisone shot asap if you can afford it...
  8. i need baby oil for my hair (to stop the friz) if some happens to get on my face will it most likely cause me to break out?
  9. does the body become immune to doses of panotheic acid or zinc?...or after a while do the hebs and supplements have less of an effect as a antibiotic would?
  10. We all know the benefits of green tea and that you can get green tea extract in pill forms, and some creams have green tea extract in them...Would taking the extract out of the capsule and rubbing it on my face with a tad of water be beneficial?
  11. doesnt it all just come back in full force after your off the mino?
  12. if i take an anti biotic such as minocyin, after the cycle is over will acne come back in full force? THANKS
  13. my harris teeter brand ACV seems to be working....ingredients include...ACV diluted with water to 5% acidity...isent this all we need?...also has anyone used it in their hair?