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  1. Looks like closed comedones to me. Have you ever tried an acidic treatment, like alfa hydroxy acid or something?
  2. The Dermatologist was never very helpful for me. I can't even remember all the stuff he had me try, including 11 months of accutane. I gave everything at least 3-6 months, but nothing ever worked. A couple of years ago I happened to find a small company called DeeVoo Skin Care that makes an acne system that actually helped. I use to have pimples everywhere on my face, and it hurt a lot. Now I only get a few zits every now and then...
  3. Have you tried wild yam? I use the wild yam oil from DeeVoo for my hormonal acne, and it works great!
  4. I have used wild yam oil to successfully treat my cystic breakouts for years.
  5. How often do you wash your pillowcases at home?
  6. I use the DeeVoo Acne Trio, and love how it combines natural ingredients with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. It cleared me up without any problems... sounds like it might be what your looking for. Good luck finding something that works :-)
  7. Grape Seed oil should help it heal. Wash with water only, then use a small amount before bed.
  8. I love coconut oil! This routine did help my acne, I can't say that it cleared me up completely, however, I love using it all over my body. It even cleared up a yeast infection on my chest one time :-)
  9. I am light skinned. I used diluted lemon essential oil for several months on some old facial discoloration. There was no change. How long you used it for and did it lighten it Atall? If so by how many shades and which ethnicity are you?thanks
  10. Vaseline works great at removing my eye makeup, but I tried putting it on my face once and I had a horrible Breakout. Not to say that it doesn't work for some people, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  11. In a few weeks you will forget all about it :-)
  12. It's normal for any new regimen to take 1 to 3 months to show results. Be patient, you don't want to miss out on something that might actually work for you.
  13. I don't know, that doesn't make sense to me because Vitex is a slow-acting herb.