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  1. Rather good if you live in the south pole where there is no sun. >.< Don't go out in the sun for more than 30 seconds you will get rashes. It is way more sensitive to sunlight than doxy or tetra. If your derm say here go on this say no. Accutane next stop. I do say though my face was clearing up.
  2. i think because you switch you breakout... you have to have patience... the antibiotic takes a while to kick in. it does not make you "breakout" just your old meds are fading and the doxy is growing stronger... anyhow get a good cream to keep your face at state until your doxy kicks in.
  3. My GP gave it to me along with Doxycycline. Since my tetracycline stopped working. Anyways been on with this stuff 3 days not a spot see how she goes... I heard positive effects with the doxy how about the cream... Anyone ever tried?
  4. just dries your face out believe me i used it two weeks no difference at all until my face dried out and started to flake OVERRATED! dont buy any of that stuff personally just talk to your doc
  5. My GP put me on doxy 3 days ago... eek and a good cream i hope this works or else off to the derm...
  6. my doctor perscribed me doxy 100/mg (x1) a day and i read everyone is using 100/mg (x2) a day you think my doctor did right? i was taking tetracycline 250/mg (x2) but my acne has gotten worse...
  7. i dont shave against the gran but come to realize i do shave over the same area 3 times sometimes... hmmm i guess that may be the problem. i do that though because i want to make sure all the hair is gone though i guess well still i am going to buy better stuff and shave properly lol okay thanks all.
  8. thanks again need to try that aloe vera gel... sounds exactly what i got...
  9. Okay I am 15 years old and I started shaving about a year ago and I have noticed that my upper lip has always inflamed when I shave not to mention i get spots on my upper lip and when i shave i make it even worse! I use some good shaving cream and my mom tried putting me on womans razors in stead of mens hmm no difference and I use my dads medicated aftershave from the doctor I dont know mabey it will help... he doesnt have a problem like I do though cus his after shave is working... I just dont