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  1. Thanks for that feedback. I will look into trying to find these in the UK, but since more companies seem to produce liquid Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil over there you seem to have a wider choice. There are also fewer products that include high levels of these. In the meantime, I'm going to add a Cod Liver Oil capsule into my evening regimen as it provides me with about 2000 IU of Vitamin A. And I've reduced the quantity of the RX product I'm using. I had another 2 quick questions! You seem to be
  2. So I am switching from capsules to liquid. I've found a supplier of Carlson's Norwegian Cod Liver Oil here in the UK (which is flavoured thank heavens!) and have also found a product called RxOmega-3 Factors, which claims to be pharamceutical grade Fish Oil. RX Omega-3 Factor (EPA & DHA= 2630mg & Vit E 10 IU per 5ml): http://www.foryourhealth.co.uk/store.asp?pid=48 Carlson Cod Liver Oil (EPA & DHA= 1100mg, Vit A 700IU, Vit D 200 IU, Vit E 10 IU per 5ml): http://www.foryourhealth.
  3. I know there's no evidence about sweating and acne, but when you sweat more, it means more can collect in your pores. If you don't wash it out, then it can help to cause acne. So, you should wash your face after exercise etc to make sure there's no sweat on your skin left. That's why I suggested maybe adding in an extra wash and see if that helps, as you tend to sweat more when it's warmer. It might help, it might not, but it's worth a try!
  4. I think it's to do with sweat. Unfortunately! As it gets warmer, you will sweat more, and also produce more oil, meaning clogged pores. You may want to try and get another wash in mid-day to remove some of the oil and sweat, and also after any exercise. Other than that, I don't think there's much else you can do! Really annoying unfortunately. If it starts to break you out, you might want to add a BP or something else topical, if the regimen in your signature is still what you're doing. And mak
  5. Soultime, I take the liquid version of the fish oil (Carlson) and cod liver oil (Twinlab) so 1 teaspoon of each at their respective meals works perfectly. I'm not 100% certain, but the three oils has a lot to do with balancing your Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Omega 6 seems to be common in people's diets and the excess amounts of it without Omega 3 & 9 can make someone more acne prone. Olive Oil helps negate the effects of Omega 6, while the latter two oils increase the Omega 3 and 9
  6. is that like a skin peel treatment or some kind of cream/lotion? and if they dont sell it in the uk then it prob does work, because thats my luck, i find America has access to alot of products that we dont :( Salicylic acid is quite commonly used in products here, it's just not often advertised; you usually have to read the ingredients on the packaging to see if it's in there. Neutrogena has a good range of products containing it. The range is called Visibly Clear, and comes in orange pack
  7. What brand is your BP? And what brand is your moisturiser? There's quite a few discussions in the UK forum about brands for both of these. Could be that your moisturiser isn't strong enough to cope with the BP. I would be careful about scrubbing your skin with an exfoliator to start with as well. Your skin is bound to react badly and come out red is you are scrubbing it red raw.
  8. I take the second one, and I think they're great. The Omega 3-6-9 will be giving you the wrong ratios of fatty acids, and you are not going to get enough Omega 3, so I would switch to the Fish Oil Concentrate. They're on special offer now, so get them soon! Actually, they are quite often reduced to this price, so you'll only need to buy about 3 months worth and they'll be reduced again.
  9. Hi there, Bare_bear has some very good advice, and I would follow it and see where you get to. If you don't get anywhere after trying that, or your derm is very resist, then you should think about switching. Just because you think that a treatment is the best course of action for you, doesn't mean to say it is right. Your doctor did spent a fair number of years studying to be able to give you advice. An hour with Google won't make you an acne expert! Good luck.
  10. Sorry Alex, if people in the UK want to buy Dan's BP, they have to pay for the shipping. Even if someone did have some to sell, I would think they would pass on those shipping and customs charges. I know it's not the answer you want to hear though! Think you will just have to pay the charges. I've just worked this out for you in terms of cost: Dan's BP costs $32 for a 16 oz bottle. With shipping costs, this turns into $47. Converted to UK pounds, this is about £23.50 for the same 16 oz bottle
  11. Dan is the only official supplier of his products, so nobody distributes in this country. If you want Dan's produts you will have to order from the website. I've never bought any, but most people have said that it works out quite reasonably. Your only luck with getting his products here is if somebody has stoppped using them, and has bottles to spare. I'm pretty sure this is the case, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong!
  12. I hope your shopping trip went well, what brand did you go for in the end?