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  1. Thanks for all the replies, but i thought i'de fill you in on a little more info. Part of this breakdown is because of the resurgence of acne after accutane, and the scars ect. But there is an important piece of info i forgot about. I was clear (mostly) after accutane. So, while i was clear and confident, i wen't and got a gf and had some fun. Thing is, I got mono. Didn't know what it was or what the hell was going on, but i was bedridden (and im no bitch when it comes to physical pain) and
  2. >No masturbation method. There are users here that claim they only get acne when they masturbate. yea, tried it. went close to four months. And sorry about the emo dump i started the thread with. I just get frustrated when i really sit and realize what ive become. >Are you physically fit?And by that I mean are you able to execute the most basic yoga moves? Do you feel pain doing handstands and headstands? yea, i went to the gym for a while with a relative and gained 30 pounds because
  3. Alright, so ill just a quick rundown. Like many people here - I had TERRIBLE acne as soon as I hit puberty. My diet was shit and never made the connection. I went to the dermatologist for a few years, nothing worked, parent kept saying "It'll go away naturally", fast foreward to 2014, im now 21 y/o and its barely any better - havn't had a clear face in almost 10 years - Not a SINGLE DAY. Get on accutane, because i'de honestly rather die than continue living like this. 6 months go by, shits aweso
  4. So never asked for help about this stuff before but I'm done. I've Finally finished acne. I had it since like 11 (22 now), and it didn't go away regardless on what I tried until I got on accurate a year ago. My entire life has been set around trying to improve myself, ive been working two to three jobs for years to pay for the accutane and cover bill, and I even spent 1000 on Fraxel like a retard. Now I'm at the end of the road, there is not light at the end of the tunnel. I've reached my absolu