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  1. i see on your signature the concealer you are using for your eyes. And i was wondering if it really is moisturizing?

    B/c i have really dry skin from the regimen and any concealer i use looks so hideous that i have to wipe it off. Any concealer i have used has turned into flakes and bunches up, hard to explain

    So i was wondering do you think this would be a good one for me?

  2. ya mad ya banned?

  3. Hi my name is Lucy, I am messaging you because I am trying your sea salt spot treatment method with the cotton ball and saw that you wanted people to message you with results. I am going off to camp for a week and I'm not sure if I will be on acne.org again before I leave, but if I don't message you now I will probably forget all about it by the time I return.

    Sorry this

  4. i saw that in your using mac foundation. Usually (and im a huge MAC fan i must say) I use Mac Studio Fix Liquid Foundation and Powder Foundation. I just started Accutane and was wondering if you knew by any chance if MAC was safe to use while im on it?

    <3 brit

  5. Whoops, just saw your comment about Studio Sculpt. I tried it at MAC, and it seemed too emollient for me - I'm very oily. Do you have dry skin?

  6. Hey, from reading your posts, I'm thinking that you're a HUGE fan of MAC. If you are, they're having 25% off online purchases for 3 days, June 16-18. SUMO is the coupon code.

    (Just in case you didn't already know :) )

  7. That doesnt make you a hypochondriac. A hypochondriac is someone who thinks they are ALWAYS sick and has a bunch of conditions
  8. Owww, that pimple looks very painful! It looks like a cystic pimple to me. I totally recommend cortizone injections. Theyve always worked for me and the pimple is gone within 48 hours
  9. Omg I hate those! Are you talking about those pimples that are very small whiteheads that you cannot squeeze? I get those a lot. They are very annoying. Try my sea salt compress. It works a charm
  10. Yep - I agree. I just turned 40 and I would be breaking out without my products and facials. Adult acne has been on the rise in recent years. The reasons why are not entirely clear, but the data shows more women in their 30s and 40s get acne breakouts. The problem is usually less severe than in younger women, but tends to be persistent. Face Reality has a number of older clients - some in their 50s. There is even one woman in her 70s that they got clear - she still needs to use her
  11. Yes smoking it terrible for the inside of your body so of course its gonna be terrible for the outside of your body too! Ive heard smoking is really hard to quit once you start. Try and quit for the mere fact you dont want to have to rely on oxygen, living in a nursing home when youre older
  12. Im not sure. Its not severe but I think its either mild or moderate. Its mild in that the scars are small but its moderate in that they are very purple
  13. Yep, me too! My forehead is the one place I dont break out anymore