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  1. Yes, I am seeing ok results. My Derm said she sees a huge difference in my scars on my cheeks. It's the deeper ones around my mouth and chin that don't seem that different. I had gone in only wanting 3 treatments. Then waiting a while and seeing the improvement. I may get spot treatments in the future if I see that the 3 helped. My skin is definitely smoother and more lively looking. But I didn't expect to see any real changes in the scars for a good 6 months. I'll give it some time.
  2. Zonk, yup, I am still here. Had my 3rd and hopefully final Fraxel 1 today. ouch. Yes, mine gets oily as the day goes on and worse since starting my treatments. Still not sure if it's the moisturizer my Derm prescribed or if it's from the treatments. I just keep blotting and putting powder on..not a long term solution. I hope it gets better for you soon.
  3. I saw my Derm today. It's been 2 months since my 2nd Fraxel 1. I have noticed improvement in texture and brightness. My face is much smoother. The Dr said she sees about 20% overall improvement in my scars. Not bad I guess for having only 2 treatments. My next is scheduled for April 30th. She says from what she has experienced, my skin is reacting nicely to the treatments and I will see many more changes in the next 6+ months as the collagen fills in. This all made me feel a bit better since i
  4. I have had break outs after both my Fraxel treatments. Not bad, but more like small white bumps and of course the red rash like bumps. My last Fraxel was in February and due to scheduling problems, my next one is end of this month. I am pretty sick of trying to determine if my skin is better, but I think it is. I can say it is smoother and softer. I think maybe the scars look smoother, but in some lights, they look as bad as ever. I have been patient and know I need to wait a few more months to
  5. cautiouslyoptimistic, sounds like we are on the same page. Just got back from 2nd Fraxel 1 treatment. I told the Derm to turn it up and do more passes. It was so painful. I had 6 numbing shots and numbing cream. I don't think I have felt that much pain (and I have given birth twice). I couldn't stop shaking and the nurse had to hold my legs down. I really trust my Dr and we talked a lot before she started. It took over an hour and before I left I was already swelled. Last time it took 3 week
  6. Thanks Zonk. I almost hate those smile lines more than the acne scars. In that pic I have microswelling, so it looks much better than it is. I got the breakouts after the pic was taken. Same area. Some look like pinpoint bleeding, some are whiteheads. Maybe it's the moisturizers they told me to use. My skin has never been so oily. I feel like a teen again (I am 33)
  7. Hey guys. I have attached a pic of the bottom of my face 2 weeks post fraxel. I am worried about the smile lines on both sides of my mouth. Will Fraxel help these or is it more in need of a filler. When I put makeup on, it just seeps into these lines and makes them more obvious..especially when I smile. blah. My Derm won't give me a straight answer. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I am 2.5 weeks past my first fraxel and also have some breakouts and rough skin. Little whiteheads..yuck. I can't even cover them with makeup since the skin is so rough and patchy. I've never had a breakout like this. I guess it's better than huge cysts. It looks like a rash. I guess this is normal. Is it because the skin underneath is healing and pushing out the bad stuff? I don't know if I should keep putting Biafine on it or just let it breathe. My next one is a week from tomorrow and my micr
  9. Thanks to those who responded. I am now 1 week after my 1st fraxel and am finally starting to look back to normal. Still red and flakey in some places. How long does microswelling last? My scars look great right now and so do my pores, but I assume it's swelling. I know, I shouldn't get my hopes up so early. Also, I was prescribed Biafine and use it a lot. Do you think using it too much could hinder healing? It just feels so darn good. My next treatment is 2 weeks from Friday. The one week
  10. Well, it's day 5 after my first Fraxel treatment. Yes, my Derm was aggressive (per my request) and I am still paying for it. I am not as swollen as the first couple of days, but I can't go out with this skin. It's still so dark red and tan and it's peeling up a storm. It's so tight and itches like mad. I keep moisturizing it, but am afraid I am using too much? Is it doing more harm than good? I can partly cover it with makeup, but it still looks like a dark peely scaly mask. I sure hope for
  11. Thanks JJP007! Now my face is starting to itch so bad! It's so dry and the prescription lotion is doing nothing. It's awful. So I am totally swollen AND have a face with the texture of a lizard. I'll try the mask.
  12. I was swollen for 4-6 days, depending on how aggressive my doctor was with the laser. I bought this cold pack (headache band) from Walgreen's that you wrap under your chin and up your cheeks, then velcro at the top of your head. It helps keeps your hands free, and you can keep doing other things. Actually, I have 2, and then I keep switching off during the day. I also look very scary the first 3 or 4 days, so don't worry about that. :D Thanks cubsfan. I woke today even worse than yest
  13. For those of you who have had Fraxel, how long does the swelling last? It has been awful today (I had 1st treatment yesterday). I look very scary. I have tried to ice it, but with 2 kids running around, there isn't much time to sit. I need to find a way to attach bags of frozen peas to my face. Do you all think icing really helps? I have some scabbing also, but the Derm said it would happen since she was aggressive. Thanks for any feedback!
  14. I think there are 2 blisters..they are just puffy areas now, so I may be wrong..I hope I am! :confused:
  15. Hi all. I have never posted before, but have been reading your messages for weeks now on Fraxel. Today was my first treatment for acne scars. I asked the Dr to be aggressive and boy, what she aggressive..ouch!! It really hurt, but if it helps, then it's worth it. I signed up for 3 treatments for $2400.00. It's Fraxel 1 and she did 8 passes over the heavily scared areas on my cheeks. She started on level 10 and went up. She gave me 6 shots to numb the middle part of my face and then used the nu