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  1. Anybody else had this problem- it sounds gross, but I thought youall would be familiar- after 1 month so far my nose has hurt, and i mean the inside, it feels dry, then wet, and when i try to clear the contents of my nose, if you know what i mean, my nose just feels awful. eek
  2. My Accutane pills ran out and I was without it for two days, my doctor just wrote a prescription. Is that bad?
  3. Meh the Accutane as a last resort is not always true. My dermatologist knows my family well, we go back a long way. She knows there's a history of severe acne and scarring, so the first thing she did with me was put me on a low low low dose of Accutane. I was on topicals a few years after that, until a couple of months ago I got a really bad breakout, now I'm doing a full course.
  4. It seems like everyone is on a 5 month course. My dermatologist said she does it usually for 16 weeks, or 4 months
  5. Also, I have acne above moderate but not quite severe. My dermatologist said I'll be taking it for 4 months, but my friend took it for 5. From what he said, it'll be 16 weeks I guess maybe I'll be taking a high dosage, from what I heard him say. Also, he said it should permanently help my skin and I shouldn't have anymore *severe* breakouts, just maybe mild whiteheads and pimples. What have your experiences been, Accutane users, post-Accutane course, and people who have done 4 months instead
  6. This is probably in an Accutane thread but there are about 500,000,000,000 Accutane threads and I have work. How long does it take for Accutane to start improving your face? A couple of weeks? A month or two?
  7. bp never did anything to me. it was part of a regimen that worked for me. i have very fair, delicate skin, accoding to my dermatologist, but luckily, I kept my acne under control most of the several years that I had it really bad, its better now. So, I did notice scarring. Some was pigmentation, which healed, and some physical scars healed. Sure, there are a few noticeable scars that I have, but they aren't too deep, they aren't too wide, they aren't disfiguring. i like to think they make
  8. it won't hurt you it just qon't be as effectivbe
  9. Proactive = cleanser, moisturizer, BP Kern's regimen = cleanser, moisturizer, BP what dermatologist told me to do = cleanser, moisturizer, BP
  10. My face has cleared up (except my forehead, it's always been bad), I don't think I have physical scars, but most of the places where acne was on my cheeks are flat and light red/pink. is this hyperpigmentation? how long does it last?
  11. ProActiv is the exact same thing as Dan Kern's Regimen. I'm not accusing Dan Kern of anything, all I'm saying neither is a magic formula. Proactiv is: a cleanser, a toner/moisturizer, and a benzoyl peroxide cream. The Regimen says to use a cleanser, a moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide. When I visited my dermatologist, she recommended (surprise surprise) a cleanser, a moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide. Granted, the brands and exact types of each individual items vary, but they are essentiall