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  1. That pie looks ridiculously good! Is it pumpkin or sweet potato??

  2. I recall your story about the guy you encountered while jogging, too. Seems like you have bad luck when it comes to creepy men. Don't worry; eventually you'll run into an upstanding guy and get a compliment.
  3. Really, you can never tell. At school, I've admired plenty of girls from afar and they were never the wiser, not that I'm a stalker or anything.... :shifty: There may be guys that like you, but don't make it obvious.
  4. Once again, welcome to acne.org! There's nothing wrong with rants; that's a large part of why this forum is here. You're not alone; ProActiv doesn't work for many of the people on here. It's safe to say that pretty much any acne product seen on TV doesn't work wonders as they say it does. I'm not much older than you, so I understand what you're going through. It can be tough to make it through the feelings of anger and low self-esteem, but this is as good a place to come as any, as there's pl