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  1. Day 6 I havnt been tripping over everything and dropping everything today. However for every day on tetra i lose more appetite, today i got up at 7, went to school at 8, came home at 16, i dindt eat anything at all and couldnt feel any hunger. I did get 0,5l water, but that was due to taking the pill. Oh, also. I can finally spend the night at my girlfriend without having to worry about waking up first and putting on make up.
  2. Day 3+4+5 The leg pains went away on day three On day 4 i got alot of itches on my chest Day 5 itches are gone, but my dexterity is crap. Acne is nearly gone, nothing new is appearing
  3. Most tetracyclin bottles come with a description, if you read it, you would see that the suggested dose of tetracyclin a day is 250mg to 500mg. Personally i'm prescribed to take 500mg/day. There are people who take 1000mg/day, in really severe cases. You wont "die" from tetracyclin if you took alot, you would get very, very, ill, but as far as i know i've never heard of anyone die from tetra. Your body will most likely make you start throwing up without end if you really took a big overdose.
  4. Day Two My stomach dindt feel good today, and i've been having pain in my shins like when you dont stretch after practice. It's too early for the antibio to work of course, but since i'm on the up curve it's getting better.
  5. I know this isnt a long-track treatment such as accutane. But since accutane was for people who had already tried anti-biotics, i'm doing that now. I was a bit disapointed i could find a log of tetracyclin so i could see the progress and thins you go through. Day 1 Picked up my prescription today. 250mg once a day (Alphapharm). I'm starting the treatment on a day on my "recovery" part of my acne breakouts so it's nearly gone. However i hope that this will stop my breakouts and remove the "gen
  6. I'm running the same routine with my girlfriend. I luckily get up before she do. I probably wear more make up then her, as the acne i have is very limited and makeup make it pretty much non excisting. She also tells me that i look good, and it really not a nice feeling when you know your covering up. But i'd rather having her think i look good, then having her know i cover up. Because then i wont get those compliments, and though they sometimes make me feel bad when im breaking out, they make me
  7. I dont know if this is it, but i dont like rooms with alot of people in. During christmas rush i really felt nauscious in the most shops. I had a problem at the supermarket the other day where some of the stuff i was buying dindt work on the register and it was holding the queue up for 10 minutes, i pretty much felt like i was going to snap and start doing those crazy things that makes you end up on TV -.- I kept cool though and explained to the clerk that either she either rang the item up, le
  8. Endorphins, I believe. When you masturbate you also release those. But masturbation doesn't make acne better most of the time.
  9. I dont actaully get alot of white or blackheads. What i get is what i would call a generic zit. It comes up, i cant stop picking it, and it disapears after a week or two. I've uploaded two pictures, and the saying "the camera adds 10 zits" goes here; the blitz makes it look alot more red then my skin actually is.
  10. I dropped out my university twice. It starts in the summer where im acne free, in the winter when my acne flames up i cant bring myself to go to classes or be seen by anyone, hence i cant pass the exams. Having acne makes you 10 times more aware of other people that have acne, and i cant socialize with people who have acne. Because i get reminded that i'm soon going to have my own little breakout and i will be sitting here again, posting on forums, missing the best years of my life. I attended
  11. Hm, i have the oposit. When i go out, have a good time, my acne dies down. My derma says it's because when you have a good time your brain release some chemical. But lately i've pretty much been on a constant breakout and havnt gone out. Vicious cycle :/
  12. First off, sorry for the English, it's my third language and never had it at school. I'm 21, been dealing with acne since before I can remember. I'm probably what some would describe as light acne, but no matter the seriousness of acne, when you are the only one at your university class with acne it's not a nice feeling, even if it's just one or two pimples. I have acne at the bottoom of the jaw, usually one or two "medium" sized ones, apearing in the same place everytime at random intervals. A