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  1. Im doing ok. The dryness sux. My whole day consists of moisturizing, eye drops, and aquaphor. But my skin is better! =D Hows your skin?

  2. I hope everything is going well for you babe!!

  3. Hey Everybody! I am just starting my fifth month now...I can't believe I am almost done! Not gonna lie the side effects have been very minimal and I forgot I was even taking a med for a while so I have about 5 days worth that I forgot to take. I hope that starting again doesn't make an ib happen. Crossing my fingers. I'm actually starting to see improvement which is amazing. I am going to go and find my camera to update this and take some pics. Still not looking as good as I could hope but defin
  4. Thank you! I am finally starting to see some progress with the accutane. Hopefully it works. I'll put more pics up sometime. Hope you are doing well!

  5. aknute

    End of Month 3

    End of month 3...not seeing a whole lot of difference :(
  6. Not sure what day I'm on...I could probably figure it out, just too lazy. So I have my derm appt. on Tuesday. Not a whole lot is changing with my face though. I would get the occasional pimple on my chest and back but that has stopped now so maybe its helping. Little change in my face but I still have 2 more months. I can't believe how fast this is going....I'm just ready for it to finally work. My camera broke which is why I haven't gotten any pics up here yet...I could maybe find one though. I
  7. Hey Everybody! Not sure what day I'm on...just started my 3rd month so actually its about day 62. I guess my skin is improving a little bit. I just had a big one come up on my right cheek but the ones on my chin and other side are getting smaller. I hope this breakout goes down real soon. Its midterms this week so I should get back to homework, just a little update. Didn't talk to my derm about depression, it will get better and I decided the med probably isn't doing it. Hope you all have a grea
  8. So I have my derm appt on Tuesday and I was experiencing depression last year before i started tane. Now on tane the symptoms are coming back. Do I tell the derm? I dont want to be off the med or have it lowered? I dont know what to do?! Any help would be great
  9. I am so happy that you can see improvement! I can every once and while but i am still breaking out every once and a while. I can't wait for it to stop. I just got 4 new ones on my chin but I am really hoping that this is my last breakout, the rest of my face is looking better though. I have my appt on Tuesday so we'll see what the derm has to say. So crazy that its already been almost two months! Its going a lot faster than I realized! Have a good week!
  10. p.s. i just figured out that this is my 50th day!! time is just flying but i wish it would work faster!
  11. hope everything is still going well! i really enjoy reading your log! keep on trucking haha
  12. Hey Everybody! Sorry I haven't been on here regularly. Midterms are coming up so I have a lot of homework I should be doing. Just so you guys know I do come on here time to time just to check up and see whats going on with you. Sounds like everything is going well for most of you! So I did have a very bad break out but my face is calming down. Of course picking is such a habit so I did that with a couple of them and now they are just flat red marks which I know is not good so I am working on t
  13. Really bad breakout. Wow. I just want to hide. I havent had one this bad in a while. Its probably an IB from switching from 40mg a day to 70mg I am guessing. I was really going to take pictures today but I'm going to give it a week and then take some. Almost a month and a half in I am ready for this stuff to start working!
  14. Does anybody have more trouble concentrating while on accutane or does this have nothing to do with the med?
  15. Two and a half months! How amazing would that be if things improved by mid march. Nothing really new to report. I did have a big one pop up by my hair line yesterday but it is already starting to dry up. I think I only really have four or five that are active and the rest are slowly dying and turning into red spots. I'm just ready to be clear. I have an interview for this group here on campus a week from today...lets hope I dont get an ib. I have to get going on this paper about parmaceutical dr