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  1. pores dilate and do crazy things while on accutane for some poeple...
  2. IB= initial breakout, accutane pushes everything out of clogged pores fish oil= some people say it helps with joint/muscle pain... its a healthy supplement either way
  3. 4 months post tane.....scars keep on improving! you just have to wait old scars dont go away
  4. I have tried all zinc oxide (topical baby rash cream) for about two weeks....there were minor improvements within the first couple days but the main thing i noticed was that my skin became very soft and had a really nice texture to it. I recently found that zinc oxide is helping me fade red marks only when i use it after Exfoliating.... when i use a scrub (baking soda) my skin becomes very red and dry... applying a generous layer of zinc oxide for about an hour helps soothe the skin and moistu
  5. 1) Accutane is a fat soluble drug. Therefore, taking it with a well balanced lipid meal will increase its absorbtion by the body. 2) From personal experience; I estimate you'll feal the full effect of the drug (side-effects) within your second month and definatly as you enter your 3rd. 3) Hate to spoil it to you, but accutane seams to help red marks for only a very small minority of people. I'm guessing that's not your case, therefore don't expect the red marks to fade anytime soon. If anyt
  6. Matt_08


    I was wondering if anyone could give me an answer or personal experience realating to my question. I go to the beach especially during the winter months and at this point I have already dark skin but i still use sunscreen spf 30. Does anyone know if red marks will ever go away if you have tan all year long??? I know i had a couple red marks before the summer began, is it possible that they have already dispeared??(with my tan i haven't been able to distinguish whether they are still there o
  7. i didnt use this when i was on accuttane but it really helped once i stoped... I strated using Zinc Oxide cream..helped alot
  8. I personally dont think a week or two will help "addapt the body" to accutane...especially if your saying it's a realy high dose. But you coud try taking a lower dose for a while... maybe ull start noticing some of the side effects
  9. yes i felt the same way about 2 months inn, i was a very outgoing person before accutane but when im on it ive become very passive, sort of "dull" to a certain extent...
  10. has happened, just buy a medicated lip balm it'll heal in a matter of days
  11. some people say aloe vera gel worked for them...personally i didnt see it help but i still used it for about a mon never apply benzyol peroxide, its the worst thing you can do for red marks because it will only make them last longer..
  12. An honest reply; if your red marks dont start fading around 4th or 5th month... you'll have to wait 1-2 months after your treatment ends for them to go away
  13. Platinum007...what exactly do you mean by divets? what typed of scars are you talking about ? any pics..i think im getting scars too on accutane :S
  14. I think it depends entirely on your skin tone / etnic background...another factor which influences red marks is exposure to sun. Yeh some guy on the coast of cali might say he's had red marks for 10 months but he doesnt mention if he uses sun cream while sunbathing 4 hours a day... red marks shouldnt take longer then 6 months if you dont expose pigmented skin to sunlight personally my red marks disapear withing 2 weeks on certain parts of my face, while others areas take 2 months..im a a fai