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  1. Umm I never told “you” that all you needed was diet. I made a comment that it is a common theme in all the success stories...
  2. Then don’t dawg on the success stories that I send. How does it do none of us any good? Maybe it does you no good but there are others that it will help.
  3. I private messaged with the dude after he made that post and he’s perfectly good. So what’s wrong then again with the post below...???
  4. Let me know when you want me to stop proving you wrong.
  5. Hey Aaron, show me one post from a person on here or somewhere else saying that whole beef liver pills and seaweed pills cured their Accutane side effects. I’ll wait... And while we wait ill just share another success story from over the years.
  6. Diet is the only thing that has worked for people on this forum so I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t try it. I’m not saying to follow this guys diet as I’ve seen many different types work. I’m just showing once again that diet is the way to go. You’re not going to find some drug to reverse the problems. Not to be mean but I’ve been at this a lot longer than you and I wish someone would have been telling me this years ago when I couldn’t figure out what to do. I’m here to share po
  7. He didn’t avoid vitamin a. Here is what he said. Everything I ate was organic. I was buying food only with eko certificate. I ate mainly green Vegetables, , a little bit of eggs, buckwheat, chickpea, a little bit brown rice, coconut oil, coconut milk, alomond milk, hazelnuts, walnuts, linseed, chia-seed, nori sheets, avocado, zuchinii etc, sunflower seeds, a little bit of salmon, pumpkin seeds and obviously a lot of bone broth. Notice how he says “mainly vegetables”? This is impor
  8. Just chatted with a guy on Facebook that recovered from a long list of side effects from Accutane: Depression, low testosterone, Hashimoto's disease, joint pain, brain fog, neurological issues. I asked him exactly what he did and he told me that he did a 7 day bone broth fast and then followed that with a low carb diet. He also took glutamine, vitamin C, MSM and vitamin D. These are his words below: At the very beginning when i started on my "protocol", for one week i was only on
  9. Just trying to help you and future people out. I’ve gone through the 700 pages on here and connected with people outside of this group and diet is always the key to healing. For some reason people just love to bash on people when they start talking about diet. Here is one of many.
  10. Why can’t you just encourage the guy instead of bring him down? It may not be only gluten but many other foods he’s avoiding as well. The internet is littered with many success stories of healing from all types of things. The forum has numerous people healing from diet that I have posted about in the past. Maybe you should be asking him exactly what foods he is eating and avoiding.
  11. I was making the point that he says he reacts to all vitamin a food and then he states he ate watermelon and felt fine.
  12. I asked TrueJustice what his diet was and not yours...
  13. I always reacted negatively to fish oil and got joint pain but everyone is different. What is your diet like right now? No supplement will cure it if you keep putting garbage in.
  14. Everyone is different which is why if you read the success stories (another below) it seems everyone’s diet is a little different. These people who have success with diet don’t even post on forums like this because all they get is attacked by other people saying “well I tried that and it didn’t work”. Well maybe it didn’t work because a particular food that you’re eating is causing inflammation in your body but not another persons. So many variables come into play...
  15. Really TrueJustice and Dubya_B?? I’ve gone over this with you before TrueJustice and it seems all you like to do is spread negativity. Making statements like those when you have new people join the forum all the time is totally misleading. There are numerous people fully healed from this forum and I posted some of their names below. Connor Mcelvin (User116745) Anonyy Scclippers Washer TaneAbomination K. Oliveira Flondon and comishcf also recently replie
  16. What kind of Vegen diet did you follow? There are a lot of Vegan diets that aren’t really healthy at all. Ive been on this forum for 3 years now and I’ve read numerous people who have healed from their side effects so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’ve also been on Facebook forums and people have healed there with diet too.
  17. She also had nausea, insomnia and bloating that went away and her mental issues have improved too. I believe justdry was the other person that was seeing a lot of success with anti vitamin A. What ignorant comment did I make TrueJustice?
  18. Can someone remind me again of the guy who was doing an anti vitamin A diet and was seeing success? Not saying this is the solution but I just recently read a girls post a couple of days ago and everything from dry skin, dry eyes, joint pain and constipation are going away after 4 months on that diet. I don’t necessarily believe it’s the anti vitamin A but it’s the foods that they are avoiding which is giving them success. FYI...she has had side effects for 4 years.
  19. Can you be specific about what foods you’ve been eating while on this diet?
  20. I agree that your vitamin d should be higher. The people that I follow say that vitamin D levels should be in the 70-100 range for treating autoimmune diseases. I don’t think it’s the liver man. I think it all starts in the gut. Just my opinion though.