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  1. So i have been on 20mg twice a day for 3 months now and today i have some rashes on both arms and i read on the internet that you need to stop right awawy and call a doctor. well i dont want to do that because i am strating to clear now. Can you have an alergic reaction this far in. I have had this same type of rash before on accutane but i just ut lotion on it and it goes away..i want to say it is from dry skin cause my arms are dry..please help
  2. Never said i was gonna quit though...just would like it to work faster as would all of us including you. But it doesnt and i dont mind, Just dreaming about the clear days
  3. Yeah i have one. But still you know how it goes im guessing she may have said yes but regardless....YOU WANT CLEAR SKIN!!! lol but yeah i guess your right
  4. Hooray for for nothing but same ol' acne maybe even worse. and to better everything prom is in 2 weeks hoo-fuckin-ray! Accutane needs to work in 1 week or less with no IB no chaped lips and a promise that it will make your skin look like a fuckin plaster statue. Anyone agree? lol
  5. Yeah so im 1 month and a week and a half in and i am on 20mg twice a day. I though i had my IB the first week but im thinkin this is it. I am getting a constant break out once one set dies down a new couple come up. I remeber my doctor saying something like "right now your skin is pushing everything up and then cutting that pore off" is that true? I just hope i get results here soon cause prom is in about 5 weeks and i would love to be clearing by then. so i guess my question is....Should i noti
  6. Yeah for sure i am about a month and a week in and i am having a consistant cycle of acne and it fuckin sucks but hey when i look at it like "My derm said the IB is good though becasue its like everything coming to the surface and going away." i dont feel so bad. Dont get down about it we all have to get one sooner or later just be happy you are having yours now and then its over HANG IN THERE
  7. So im guesssing the more absorption the faster i clear? shit lol
  8. Does accutane ONLY work if you eat with it? cause i rarely have the time to eat in the morning and at night i just pop it whenever and snack. Any advice?
  9. I was on 20mg to start and my IB wasnt bad at ALL. Dont stress about it and to be honest within my first month i have actually noticed results of clearing. Go get that prescription filled right now. The minor side effects you MAY expirence are SO worth it because when you are done...CLEAR SKIN is the only memory you will have of accutane.
  10. DAY 28 Hmm i had a break out about 7 pimples all in the same place...yeah that sucked but other than that all is going good just had my first check up. no dosage switch. Face is kinda dry. lips are kinda dry. But other than that I like accutane so far. Take care everyone
  11. I have acne on my neck and so far accutane has helped my face for the most part (only about 30 days in) But i still seem to get a steady flow on neck acne not REAL bad but annoying as hell So my question is.....Do you think at night i could/should use Persa Gel 10 (10% bp)? thanks for the feedback
  12. DAY 22 Yeah havnt updated in a while i had a week where everything was going really well but i had i'd say a "minor breakout" today. lips are fine. face is dry in CERTAIN areas but nothing lotion wont/cant cure. so far so good i'd say i think i got my hopes up to high when i cleared pretty well for a week but we'll see.....
  13. DAY 16.....clear but DRY AS FUUUUUCCCCKKK lol
  14. DAY 13 Same old shit Day 14 DRY AS FUUUUUUCCCCKKK but getting clear real quick!