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  1. No purge for me. I think because I was using 0.05% cream prior to switching to the gel. The gel worked way better for me. I was on the cream for about a year and it did nothing for me.
  2. It helps with shallow scars. I've been using .1% gel for 5 months and it hasn't made the deep scars go away but the shallow scars are hardly noticeable.
  3. I've had Silikon injections in August 2016. To this date, no complications and I'm very happy with the results. I'm tempted to go for another round but kinda scared that I will get complications from too much of this filler in my face. So I feel like its safe if you are modest with the amount they inject in you.
  4. Had three subcisions with him. Was very happy after my third one.
  5. Yeah, seems fishy. She's not telling us what treatment it was in this thread and is teasing us with a video on top of that.
  6. The character from that movie doesn't even have scars. His face is disfigured from an accident. Disfigurement is way worse than what we deal with.
  7. I had subcision on the 5th of this month. I'm still a little bruised under the eyes and some yellow spots on my face and I showed up to work today. I had to wear some makeup to cover some of the bruising.
  8. Its not worth it right now in its early stages. One day I'm sure they will perfect the formula and make it better for acne scars. Its a hassle to use and it takes hours to get it right so I just gave up on it.
  9. You can tell from the shape of the jaw how its a different person.
  10. The posters on this site who complain the most about their skin are the ones with really mild scars. I have noticed this for years.
  11. I needle an area until I see a bloody mess, like actual blood gushing out, not just little dots of blood.
  12. After 4-5 days I looked ok. Yellow skin and bruising around the eyes though. If you suction then the downtime is longer. I looked ok after day 7 of suctioning and even when I continued suctioning for the rest of the following week I wouldn't bruise anymore.
  13. wow, your swelling is very minimal. I always end up looking like a chipmunk after my subcision, but its probably because I have scars all over my cheeks. Did you bruise at all when you did suctioning?
  14. He has pics on the links he provided. I think his skin looks fine but if he's doing it for other health reasons, then good for him.
  15. From that angle, the scars don't look severe. Definitely not severe enough to spend 10k.