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  1. I got my wisdom teeth pulled a few days after being off accutane. I guess it depends on your surgery, so don't take advice from us but from a doctor.
  2. Today's my last day of accutane and I'd like to do some things to make my skin fab. Really my only problem now is I would like to find a good moisturizer that I can put on under makeup and at night (or two to suggest) and something that could help shrink my pores on my cheeks (or appear so, since it "can't be done"). Also, I didn't have horrible acne, just stubborn stuff (the occassional cyst). When I went on Accutane I never got an IB or broke out afterwards, it didn't get worse and then
  3. Today's my last day! Not a pimple in sight, and there hasn't been in about 4 months. I'm hoping it doesn't come back!
  4. Day 153 Well somehow my day count got off lol, but tomorrow (technically today) is my last day! I've been so proud of my results, just looking at my old pictures I didn't realize how bad my acne was until now. I'm just hoping that it will stay this way for a long time! I'll post before/after pictures soon, I got my wisdom teeth removed today and so I need some rest.
  5. Hi, I just found your log. Tomorrow's my last day. From your pictures, you've made remarkable progress. My skin was definitely sensitive like yours when I was on it, even washing it or brushing up against something my skin would turn bright red. I think you should try something less abrasive for exfoliating (even a wet washcloth I think would work well) and don't scrub too hard, but just what comes off with light pressure, is what worked for me. I hope all of your skin conditions heal up as we
  6. Well, I gained weight, but here's what I've heard: your liver processes fat burning (or something of the sort, obviously muscles do that as well) but since accutane works in your liver, so you won't be processing as much fat -- so yes, it could make you fat.
  7. Day 111 I can't believe it's been this long! I'm acne free and when looking back on old photos, can't believe I even looked like that. I feel so great about my skin now. Currently I'm just battling dry skin and being in the sun - I was out in the sun with 45 on for about an hour and now have a huge rash all up the bottom of my arms that's red and splotchy, I guess eczema. I have yet to find a cure that's soothing enough for it Work doesn't help either, since I'm constantly putting on gloves t
  8. Day 62 I could be 14 days ahead of where I am now but I was taken off Accutane until my liver enzymes went down. I was told the fishoil I was taking raised my liver enzymes a lot, so now I don't take them and I should be fine (I was only taking about two a day, I can't imagine what it would be like if I was like some of the recommended doses here, for six to eight pills a day!). I've found Origins Megamushroom products help so much with the redness and it doesn't look like I'm on Accutane at all
  9. I recently went to Origins and got some samples of their Plantidote Mega Mushroom Face Serum and Face Cream. My face used to always be red and dry but this stuff has helped bunches! My face no longer looks red except after I wash it. Red doesn't show through my makeup. The only thing though is that it can make you look greasy, but I just put a mineral powder over my makeup and you can't tell (I'm sure blotting tissues would work well too). Also they have a wonderful White Tea Mask that smells a
  10. I've been doing so well on Accutane and so excited because of the results I've been getting. Unfortunately I just had my derm appointment and they said my liver functions had now jumped to the "abnormal" range - she didn't tell me which one it was, but it was "elevated" the month before as well (A normal was considered a 30 and I had a 39 last month if anyone knows which one I'm talking about). She said fish oils were bad and to stop taking them but I haven't taken them in weeks anyways, she sai
  11. Day 46 I can't believe it's been this long, and Accutane seems the norm to me. I really just feel like I'm not getting much out of Accutane, but maybe it's too early to tell. I know it's working because I am dry (which is nice, for once) but it's not clearing up my acne at all. It's actually not making it worse either. Nothing's healing very fast at all and it's driving me crazy. I haven't been able to update much because I've had play practice for our school musical. Tonight's our last perform
  12. Day 32 Things have been alright, one day my skin looks amazing and the next I have a whole cluster of new pimples. I've been getting a lot of stubborn ones, they take forever to go away and don't really do anything. I made the mistake of popping them about two weeks ago, probably less, but the scabs are still there, healing. So I'm really not trying to pick them. I'm in a real sort of depressed slump and getting angry easily, but I'm trying to stay positive. Unfortunately, I have run out of m
  13. Day 28 It's almost been a month, but I honestly can't say I've seen an improvement. I haven't had an IB, but I've had dry skin and stuff, so apparently it's working - just not on my acne. I still get a pimple about every day, and even though they seem to go away faster than normal, it's still not a large change. I got my bloodwork done and one of my levels went from a 30 to a 39, they said it was normal though. Oh well, I guess I'll just keep going :\