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  1. its called CLARITHROMYCIN, its a generic for biaxin
  2. I am sick with a 100 degree fever. My doctor put me on an antibiotic just incase it wasn't the flu. Can I still take Accutane?
  3. can i apply a little bp on the purging pimples? not enough to irritate, just to help...
  4. I have mild acne unresponsive to any treatment, and I'm currently on Accutane...
  5. you've had an initial breakout for like 2 weeks...(but I think I'm the only one?)
  6. I've been on Accutane for three weeks now and though my oil is gone, my blackheads are still there...how long did it take yours to go away?
  7. I'm also getting hit hard for my usual skin. I have pimples on my face in places I never did...im a bit worried.
  8. Day 10, Week 2 I just finished my first box of Accutane, and I can definately say I feel like shit. Negatives: My whole face hurts and feels sunburned. My lips are extremely chapped, and no matter what I put on them, nothing works. Also, everything that was under my skin is now on the surface, and I mean everything. My nose is also rough from my blackheads coming to the surface. My whole face is rough. I can definately say I am expreiencing a breakout. Almost everything that comes to the surf
  9. Day 8, Week 2 I haven't updated in a while, so I may just update weekly. - My skin is doing decent. I think I may be going through a breakout, I currently have four whiteheads. - My oil is continuing to decrease, but there are still some blackheads on my nose. When do those usually go away? - My skin is still bumpy, and I'm not sure if I will get a big breakout instead of small ones.. Side Effects: : Muscle aches. When I stay in the saem position for a certain amount of time (for instanc
  10. Day 3, Week 1 I just took my dose with dinner. I decided last night that I had to switch from Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser to Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser because the Facial Cleanser irritated my skin. Lips seem to be ok, maybe because I apply Aquaphor every night. No real side effects of major results yet, besides my facial oil slightly decreasing. Also, my blackheads seem to be getting looser. No new breakouts, skin still has oil, blackheads, and clogged pores. Thanks for the encouragem
  11. Day 2, Week 1 I had my second pill with a big dinner. This morning I was dry and somewhat flaky, but I dont know if I could have gotten the effects that quickly. I had one whitehead on my face today, and the usual clogged pores and blackheads. It may have just been my imagination, but I think my blackheads looked a littlle loose in my poors...almost ready to come out? I am still mildly oily. I also had a headache today, but I do not think that was from the Accutane. Oh, and I forgot to say
  12. Day 1, Week 1 I just popped my first pill with a full glass of water. Feels good to not use any topicals. Finally I can quit Retin-A, because it really sucks.
  13. If it is effecting you like this, I would suggest requesting Accutane. I was just prescribed it for persistent mild acne. Is there a specific reason why you would have to wait until spring break?